Saturday, September 19, 2009

Amazingly Awkward Interview Moments

Yes. I have a couple of good ones for you.

So, yesterday I was rapping things at The UW (shout out to the Badgers!). I had 10 back-to-back interviews without a single break. 

Not only was my stomach growling, but my throat was so dry from all the talking. Surprisingly, nothing awkward came about from those two situations. 

However, just before I went to get my 11:00 interview, I decided that I had to at least eat an apple quickly so that I wouldn't pass out (not kidding...this happens to me more often than you'd think). So, I snarfed down an apple. I did not have any time to run to the restroom to see if I had apple bits in my teeth. I realized, I just had to deal with it. 

So, as I was conducting the interview, I felt incredibly paranoid that I had apple in my teeth. It was all I could think about. So, I decided to take a drink of water to try to discreetly "swish around". Well, I completely missed my mouth and the entire cup of water spilled all down my face and my suit. 

Really discreet, Mrs. Ruby. 

The interview-EE handed me a tissue and I wiped down my face and soaking-wet suit. Here I am, the interview-ER and I'm spilling water all over myself. The sweet thing said to me, "Don't worry, I saw a poor girl fall flat on her face last night at the career fair."

At least I wasn't that girl, right?

Then, it was almost the end of the day and I only had two more interviews. Both of which I was pretty excited about. My second to last interviewee showed up a couple of minutes late. Point deduction #1. He was profusely sweating. Point deduction #2. 

He sat down in a huff. He explained that he was running late because his class ran a few minutes over. 2 points back on the map - now back at 0. 

So, as he sits down, he explains that he had just come from his African Story-Telling class. Of course I was a bit intrigued, and so I mentioned that sounded interesting and asked what types of things he learned in a class like that. 

He said, "Well, for example, last week we went through a series of stories and they all revolved around a penis." 

Point deduction 500 and no final interview.

He didn't even elaborate. He left it at that. 



Sarah Ann said...

Wow. Talk about over sharing! Even if it WAS in class you do NOT just say that. And if you do and happen to realize it was a mistake do NOT just leave it hanging there and make yourself sound weird. At least try to explain it a LITTLE so you don't sound like such a freak.
Oh, and I wouldn't feel bad about the water thing. I've totally done the same thing before. At work. It was great. Especially since we had to wear all white uniforms. I sure had some happy customers that day..and none of them were female. =/

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! Ok first of all if you're gonna say penis in an interview you better have a story to back it up. I can't believe he didn't say anything else about it. Awkward for sure!

Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

Oh my WOW! He wasn't shy, was he??? You have the best stories to share!

Lucky in Love said...

You could write a book :)