Sunday, September 13, 2009

Awkward Travel Moments

Happy Sunday!!! 

For those of you who live in Indiana...I apologize. I JUST now got your comments. And yes, I was at Purdue University - TONS OF SUCCESS with recruiting. :) I will definitely be back in I'll keep you posted.

So, of course it wouldn't be a normal trip without me having to deal with some slightly awkward travel moments. (Sigh). 

It started with my arrival to the Indianapolis airport. Flight on time. Luggage checked. Grabbed and iced coffee. No problems. 

Until I got to security. 

Backstory: I had to renew my drivers license a few weeks ago. Of course the ridiculous state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (ACTUAL full name of the state by the way...) takes away your old license and prints off a piece of paper. They say you can use this until your new license arrives in the mail. Like a piece of paper is going to get me through airport security...

So, I got to Indianapolis with no problems (probably because I left from RI and THEY are the sillies who issue these things). However, getting home was another story. 

So, the grumpy security guard asked if I had a passport. Unfortunately, I didn't. The woman made  few phone calls and advised that I would have to meet with the head of security. Meanwhile, everyone is tapping their feet and glaring me down because I'm holding up the line. So, this woman asks me a series of questions from where I was born to what my weekend plans were. No lie. 

Of course I was sweating, and my face was redder than a maraschino cherry. 

She asked if I had a credit card with my name on it. Luckily, I did. She then told me I passed the "lie detector test". 

I gave her a perplexed look with a touch of annoyance. Regardless, she let me through. 

THEN, once I started to get through security, they told me to walk to the side so they could "search" me. 

WHAT?!?!?! Is this a joke?

Apparently, I was one of the randoms who was lucky enough to get chosen to step in the space shuttle looking contraption. I had to lift my arms and spin around. Of course I had no bombs on me. Still, everyone was yet again staring at me.

Lucky for you, the most awkward event of the evening had yet to occur.

I boarded my plane and had to use the restroom terribly bad. (Because I had such a delay at security, I had no time to use the restroom). So, I waited. Waited ever so patiently for the seat belt signs to go off. 

BING. They were off. 

However, I noticed the beverage cart was blocking my path to the bathroom. 


I started to squirm. 

I made my way to the front of the plane to use the restroom. And in front of everyone, the flight attendant advised me, "I'm sorry dear, you can't use this restroom - it's for first class passengers only". You've got to be kidding me. 

She told me the beverage cart would be done soon and that I could use the two restrooms in the back of the plane. 


Oh, it gets better. They then proceeded to make an announcement over the loud speaker saying, "Please note that the restrooms at the front of the plane are for first class passengers only". 

Mr. Ruby told me I should have stood there and peed my pants...while standing in first class. 


And of course, awkward.


Only The Good Stuff said...

Oh, Bless you heart! That sounds just awful! I am glad, though that you made it home safely! I hate to fly LOL I could not have done that! I would have just burst into tears!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Well...I work for DHS so I can't really say anything about the whole id/searching thing.

However I'm glad you were able to find a restroom and didn't have to pee the pants.

my mid mid-life crisis said...

The first class only catastrophe happened to me a few flights ago. Unfortunately, I was also coming down with a touch of the flu.. so mine was a dire emergency. As I was walking up the flight attendant attempted to stop me, when she noticed I didn't look so well. She told me to hurry.

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

This made me laugh out loud! Flying can be sooo frustrating!

Sarah Ann said...

That is so silly that they take away your old I.D! Do they not use their brains to think about what problems this could cause? I've been searched too by the way. When I was 13. Because 13 year old's carry bombs. Regardless that it occurred right after 9/11 I still think its stupid.
Oh, and if I had been you, I would have thrown a fit. When I have to pee, I have to PEE.

Lucky in Love said...

Oh my. Sorry you had to deal with such an experience...but super cool you were at Purdue! Boiler up :)

smithec said...

Oh this is too funny!

When my mom flew out of the Indy airport 2 months ago, she had such a similar experience! They told her that her KS license was fake - they had tons of security looking at her card and no one thought that it was real. They said "is this how they make them in Kansas?" ha ha! They finally let her through when she showed them her Sam's card with her picture on it!

That airport is crazy!

LauraAnn said...

Oh the Indy airport! I cannot believe they were that ridiculous! I live in Indiana and have noticed that the wonderful airport employees are so jolly {sarcastic}. Are airport employees in other cities like this too?

Side note- love Mr Ruby's advice to pee your pants in first class. Priceless! haha