Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day, Indeed.

Long weekends.
Absolutely nothing like them.

Thank you, Labor Day.

An extraordinary weekend for sure.
Celebrating a dear friend's wedding nuptials.
Chunkin's very first wedding, in fact.

She was an absolute peach.
Barely made a peep the entire ceremony.
Except when I was walking down the isle.
We made eye contact, and she started cracking up.

Of course I thought it was adorable.

She stayed up until midnight two nights in a row.
5 and a half hours past her bedtime.
This is quite a big deal.
Because girlfriend needs her sleep.
And can resemble that of a monster when she doesn't get it.
But she was a trooper.
Huge sigh of relief.

But back to Labor Day.
Chunkin has been taking the day quite literally.

She's been-a-laboring all right.
Because she is officially crawling.
As of 08/26/13, to be exact.

Sweet girl has been working hard.
Moving all over the place.
Getting into everything.
Trying to climb.
And refusing to fall asleep because she's so excited by her newfound talents.
{All things she couldn't do just a couple of weeks ago.}

These changes all happened so quickly.
One thing after another.
All after her first *and hopefully only* physical therapy appointment.

She still has quite a bit of strength to build up.
Especially in her arms.
She tries her hardest to pull up.
But, her little muscles don't always cooperate.
But we're getting there.

In fact.
I heard a bit of grunting coming from her room one evening.
I walked in.
And couldn't believe it.
There she was.
Standing in her crib.

I've never seen her so proud.
Or myself for that matter.
So much change and improvement in one little week!!!

We've been practicing our little PT exercises every chance we get.
But in the meantime, she loves showing off her flexibility.
Trying to prove she'd make quite the ballerina.

Super-flexibility and low muscle tone aside.
Lyla is crawling.

It all started about a week after her birthday. 
First at Gi-Gi's. 
Then at Day Care. 
Then for Mom and Dad. 
She wanted to perfect her skills before showing them off. ;)

We captured our first time seeing her crawl on video. 
Unfortunately, I only caught the very end.
After she'd been showing off her new moves for a few minutes.
Needless to say, she was tuckered.

Little Miss Coordination. ;)

So, I guess this is what having a mobile baby feels like.
One year later.
And it's finally time to start baby proofing the house.

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Vanessa said...

That is the sweetest, daintiest crawl I've ever seen! Go Lyla!!!!