Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Equilibrium Point

Finding balance.
It's what I desperately sought out to do and failed.
Over and over again.

Until recently.
When I made some major decisions.
And felt immediate gratification.
Instant relief.

But that doesn't mean I don't still struggle some.
With imbalance, that is.
I'm human.

And as humans, we get caught up in ridiculous things.
Like wanting bigger {better} houses.
Wanting more lavish lifestyles.
Thinking others have it easier.
Wanting more.more.more.
Wanting period.

Often, social media adds fuel to the fire .
Social media and I seriously have a love/hate relationship.

It can be so fun.
So helpful.
So productive.

...So exhausting.

Having Instagram-worthy wardrobes for baby.
Throwing Pinterest-perfect parties.


And I'm the first to fall victim to it!

I recently read an article.
It talked about how some social media sites can correlate feelings of loneliness or depression.
I also recently read this funny *sarcastic* blog post.
About how Pottery Barn Kids {one of my all-time favorite stores might-i-add} sometimes makes mothers feel inadequate.
Hello sandwiches in the shape of exotic animals and pre-printed lunch notes. 

Here's the thing though.
I love DIYing.
Love hosting a fabulous soiree.
Love Baby Gap.
And *gasp* love PBK.

Nothing wrong with that.
Not one bit.

It's just...
I really have to be aware of my intentions.
And focus on gratitude, not envy.
And know when my equilibrium is off.

When greed or self-pity start to seep poisonous thoughts.
When I start to think I don't have it so great.

Absolutely the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, right?
Makes me cringe.

It's a dark, tempting path that I try my best to avoid.
Or at the very least, turn around and find my way back.
But I'm human.

That was a lot of deepness.
All to say that this weekend, I found my equilibrium point.

Spending my Friday off with my baby toddler.
Having coffee on the deck with my husband.
Going to the zoo {to see the just-born tiger cubs}.
Spending time with a group of girls who always bring me back.
To my equilibrium.
No pressure.
Just true friendship.

Feeling very blessed.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from some other blogs I follow and I ABSOLUTELY love this post. I get caught up in this exact thing and got off of all social media for awhile but have recently joined Instagram again. You said it perfect. We can never envy anyone else's life as the only life we will ever live is our own.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Sometimes I find myself really wanting things that others have when I'm on social media. Love this post!