Monday, November 29, 2010

Memoir Monday

Memoir Monday

Well my friends, the winter pasties and the holiday chubbies have officially hit Mrs. Ruby.


And I am still trying to rustle myself loose out of an intense food coma.

Thanksgiving weekend was so fantastic. (Even though I had to work Lots of food and lots of friends.

Begin with a Bang. As you can see, we started off the Thanksgiving weekend right by chowing down on AMAZING Spanish Paella from one of our favorite restaurants. So delish. And so not nutrish.

Giddy. I can say that I know a celebrity. Well not a celebrity per se, but an inventor. Yes, I know the inventor of the Knork. His family was like my second family while growing up.

"Uhh. Really awesome, Mrs. Ruby. But what the heck is a Knork?" you ask?

Well, it is a fork with the functionality of a knife. And I get SO excited when I actually see it out at restaurants. So rad.

Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, we did not spend TG with family, but we did spend it with AMAZING people who live nowhere near their families either. Oh, and I made sure to wear leggings because I knew that I would not be able to zip up my skinnies.

Mommy practice. There were so many little munchkins to love on. :)

The Smorgasbord. (This is not even half of it).

The hosts. They know how to throw one bad bum Thanksgiving Feast. I mean, they're food is just as good as Grandma's used to be. And they never even grew up celebrating...because they're from Guatemala!!!

The Infamous Grilled Cheese. No seriously, this thing was amazing.

The Grilled Cheese Pass. So amazing in fact, that we passed around my grilled cheese like a hot potato. (But in this version, everyone took a bite).

Handbag Check at the Bowling Alley. I mean, everyone carries a bra in their purse, right?

Girls. (With a boy highjack).

Fierce Competition.

Boys versus Girls. I contributed to the team a whopping 54 points.


Gettin our groove on.

Double Strike. Yes, me and my hubby were up against one another and both actually got strikes. I was too excited!

Dessert to finish it off. Duh.

How was YOUR Weekend? Are you still full too?


Kristen said...

winter pasties & holiday chubbies. haha, love it! that about sums me up too! your weekend looked fab! i'm off to spend an hour at the gym now..

Kristen said...

What is it with Thanksgiving and Bowling? We went this weekend too, and I always want to go this time of year - haha!

And the grilled cheese? OMG!! It looks AMAZING!!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

I love bowling dates and how better to top it off than with ice cream? Fun long weekend!!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I'm still eating Thanksgiving leftovers...I just can't get enough. LOVE THEM

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and an awesome weekend!!! We finally bought Apples to Apples and it's so fun!

Kassie said...

1) You had to work on Friday. Boo! No fun. You should strike. :)
2) Speaking of striking, bowling looks fab!! (groan, bad joke.)
3) You have such great friends, looks like a blast!!

Lindsay Frasier said...

Hey Angela! Just wondered about Memoir that something you made up? Or are you doing it with your blog buddies? I would love to join you have a link to the picture or the button link? Glad to see things are going well out east!