Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yes, we may have had the day off yesterday. And yes, it may be Friday. But, my mind is on total brain overload with school coming to an end and trying to get everything done in the next two and a half weeks. So, today's post is going to simply be a puddle of mush that is my brain at the current moment.

  • The other day, I was on my way to my school where I am finishing up my in-class hours. I take the same route several times a week. However, my mind was busy racing with...stuff...and I missed my exit. Hate when that happens.

  • I love how we can be gone for 10 days on vacation or 5 minutes to go fill up on gas, and we still get the same overwhelmingly excited greeting from our pups every.single.time.
  • The other night, I had a "Bridesmaid Meeting" with my college pals. It may have been on Skype, but it was SO good to "see" them. Technology has come so far...

  • It is amazing that I have had a total of about 10 Diet Cokes this entire year. I went from having two 32 oz. a day in college, to at least 2 cans a day in the professional world, to only when I need accompaniment for my chicken burrito.

  • We've added another stop to our road trip home. We're stopping in DC to spend time with a GOOD friend! And I HEART DC.

  • The other day, I randomly burst out laughing thinking about something my friend recently did. A few weeks ago, she was walking to her car and thought someone was following her. So she burst out into a full on sprint in the parking lot to her car (not funny at the time, but HILARIOUS to picture now).

I'm surprised if you've made it this far, but if you have, HAPPY FRIDAY! :)


Ashley said...

I also love how my dogs greet me as well, no matter where I have gone or for how long! They make my day ;)

That is crazy about the cruise ship! I have never been on one... but that is not encouraging me either!

Kristen said...

Bullet number two is my favorite.

AND I agree about Kanye, less talking, plese!

Leigh said...

Even better than missing your exit is being so tired or lost in thought is that you do the drive home and then get home and think to yourself "how did I get here?". That's a weird experience!

Happy Friday!

The Shabby Princess said...

Totally agree that Kayne needs to just shut it. Poor Matt Lauer!

Kristen said...

i totally agree with #2. puppy greetings are the best! have a great weekend!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Quitting Diet Coke is my constant struggle! Good for you!

Mindi said...

I totally agree with the pup thing. my dog is my baby boy and he gets SOO excited when mommy comes home for the day. (he loves my husband but just not as much as me :)

oh and PLEASE don't talk about Carnival. I'm going on a Carnival Cruise in Feb. and its my first (hubs's like 10th) and now I'm SOO scared yet still SO TOTALLY excited. eek!

Jen said...

Don't you love Skype? The other day my bestie was trying to muster the courage to build a profile and I was like "Let me help you" and she's like "How?" So we both DLed skype, then she was able to share her screen and we literally walked through each step of the application/profile creation together (as well as looked through about 33 pages of guys profiles lol) It was great!