Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok, so I desperately need a study break = Time for bloggy update!

My brain is mush from so much studying, lesson plans, papers, and exams. So, I figured I'd give you a quick update. Just in case, you know, you are dying to know what's going on in my head right now! ;)

Mrs. Ruby's Life at a Glance:

* I had a fantastic/exhausting weekend. Exhausting, like, only got 6 hours of sleep the whole weekend exhausting.

* To student teach within the time frame I hope for, I'm on a very strict school schedule. Therefore, I'm trying to squeeze in a ludicrous amount of schoolwork in before summer officially starts. (a.k.a. death)

* One little gal at the Y was playing with my hair, and she accidentally scraped my eyeball with her fingernail. Eww.

* I found out that I'm going to be working FULL TIME again at the Y this summer. I'm going to be an outdoor camp counselor for 5 & 6 year olds. I.couldn'

* I am going home sweet home to my cozy sunflower state in THREE WEEKS. AHHHH!!!!

* Two things are really weird/crazy/amazing/twilight zone-ish for me to grasp my mind around:

1). I am regressing in life (for a short time, I am aware). But, I went from a well-paid, traveling, recruiting, suit-wearing professional to a studying, minimum wage earning, cardigan-wearing, camp counseling, master's hopeful student.

2). In just one month, Mr. Ruby and I will be celebrating our FOUR year wedding anniversary. We will have been married as long as it took me to graduate high school and college. Wow. Time flies when you're having fun.

That is all.

Deep thoughts, I know.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, congrats on your upcoming anniversary.

Mrs. Bear said...

Wow four years! Yayyy!!!

I think I am regressing too - last year I was a business woman going on business trips and this year I am a nanny (for only 3 more weeks YAH!) and about to be broke as a joke and in summer school.

Married with Puppies said...

Wait, does that mean you did both high school and college combined in only 4 years?!? Holy overachiever, Batman! :)

prashant said...

congrats on your upcoming anniversary.
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