Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Random Assortments in Life

I have so much going on right now.

Although I am technically no longer working full time, my days are still jam-packed with...stuff.

Observing in a classroom. Working at an after school program. Working out. Giving mini lessons in a classroom. Running errands. Studying. Going to the grocery store. Writing papers. Cleaning. Blah, blah blah.

To give you an idea of the random assortments I face in my current daily life, the following is a stack of literature sitting on my bedside table:



Don't judge the chaos.

And no, I still have not gotten around to reading Something Borrowed. It just sits on my bedside table collecting dust. :(

And yes, that last one is a children's book. I'm in the process of creating a reading comprehension lesson...


For now, I will simply have to deal with the motley crew that is my bedside table.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love your reads!

LauraAnn said...

Pretty sure I need to go buy the Shape magazine so I can learn how to have flat, sexy abs by May 31st (or a little after that since it is midway through the month). :-)

prashant said...

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