Thursday, May 6, 2010

Move over Mexican

Ok, Ok.

That just sounds bad.

But I am in utter shock.

I have mentioned over and over again that I have a severe obsession with Mexican food. I will literally eat Mexican food any time of day, everyday. I especially love beans and burritos. Mmm.

But, I have found a...GASP... new cuisine that I am quite find of: Greek. (In all actuality probably a more Americanized version of Greek, but still). Oh my goodness. I could seriously bathe in hummus, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. And tonight, Mr. Ruby and I are heading out on a date night to a Greek restaurant. I can't WAIT!

I've been making the most amazing Greek salads and wraps for lunch...check out all the feta!! Mmm!!!

And another latest obsession? Craisins!!! Seriously, these things make just about anything taste good: chex mix, salads, cookies, and my most recent: chicken salad. This was seriously the best chicken salad I've ever made. I couldn't possibly give you the recipe...because I just threw a bunch of stuff in. The special ingredients that made my taste buds extra happy were shaved almonds and Craisins!


Mrs. Bear said...

LOVE Greek food! There was this place called Olive Bistro in ATL right by my work that made the bestest flatbread salad I have ever had. I think about it all the time... mmmmmm

Katie said...

MMMMMMM!!! that all looks SO good! and i agree, craisins make ANYTHING better, i throw them on tossed salads ALL the time!!!

um, really want to make your chicken salad yummy? toss a bit of curry in it. i know, i know, sounds gross. and i don't like indian food at ALL. but it doesn't taste like that, my grandma makes hers with the pre-cooked whole chicken you get at the grocery store, curry, apples, almonds, grapes and celery and it's seriously, the best chicken salad i've EVER had in my life. i crave it. give it a try! yours sounds YUMMO though!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I use to think I hated feta cheese until I tried it on a salad and now I am in love with the stuff!

TimothyPeacock said...

Basically, if there are riots in a given country, Mr. and Mrs. Ruby will eat its cuisine... haha

Kelly said...

OMIGOD. That chicken salad looks soooo amazing. What dressing do you use?

Hope you're having a great evening! :-)

Shoshanah said...

I love craisins! I wind up buying them in 100 calorie packs a lot and leave them in my desk. That way I can have a snack whenever I get hungry. And 100 calories of crasins, is a pretty good sized snack

Lauren said...

Greek food = my favorite food! I have so many amazing recipes. Eric and I had our third date at a greek restaurant and are insistant on having greek food at our wedding....when we get married :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh my goodness, I love greek food!

Christa said...

Girl...I'm a Mexican food lover too. I could eat it EVERYDAY! My dad always tells me if it's not a taco I DON'T LIKE IT! Ha!

I will have to try Greek food!

sanjeet said...

tried it on a salad and now I am in love with the stuff!
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