Friday, October 25, 2013

The Patch

A mama's always got to trust her gut.
It's that God-given gift of intuition.
That most often times turns out to be correct.

I took Lyla to the doctor this morning.
Simply based on a gut feeling.
And a couple of more-than-usual fussy days.

But knowing that the weekend was quickly approaching, a decision needed to be made.
So I packed up the car and drove to the doctor.
And felt quite ridiculous when they went through all the preliminary check-in questions, to which I answered "no" on almost all.

Granted Ly has had a low-grade fever for going on 3 days now.
And she's just
Waking up every hour of the night.
Desperate to be held and snuggled.
And downright moody.

So I thought I'd take her in just to rule out an ear infection.

Instead, we walked away with a double diagnosis.
Her first-ever tummy bug.
And three 2-year molars that have decided to try to cut through.

Double whammy.

And pathetic, miserable baby.
Yes. I said baby.
To which I will refer to her every time she feels like this.
Now and forever.

This explains a lot of her behavior over the last week and a half.
Including her case of the grumpies at the pumpkin patch last weekend.
Where she refused to smile the entire time.
It was quite windy, she still can't walk which has really been frustrating her, and she *unbeknownst to us* wasn't feeling well.

And let me backspace for a moment.
She did crack one itty-bitty smile that day.
The moment we got in the car to go home.
Her favorite attraction this year, for sure.

Sadly, she had a case of the grumpies at last year's patch visit as well.
That was when she had hit her peak with colic.

Maybe the third time will be a charm next year?

Despite a clingy, cranky babe, we still had a great time.
We went to Walter's again this year. Best patch in this area by far!
We were with wonderful friends and their kiddos.
Ly got to pet the donkey and the goats.
We didn't get a pumpkin this year.
But we did get our signature pumpkin patch field pic.

Which in the end, is all that really matters.
I kid, I kid.
*Sort of*

And for funsies, here's a Friday Flashback to last year's trip to the patch.

Here's to hoping next year is nothing but smiles!

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Jessica said...

I took my "baby" to the doctor today and also answered no to every single question. My husband said he read somewhere that parents who are involved and take their kids to the doctor if they just feel something is "off" even if it turns out to be nothing, is much better than not being involved, etc! Even grumpy, Lyla is still super cute!