Monday, October 28, 2013

Case of the Bleghs


That is truly the only adjective I can muster up for today. 

For this entire household. 

It's Monday.
The weekend is over. 
The weather is gloom-mcdoom.
And Lyla hasn't been this needy/fussy/angry since the oh-so-memorable colic days.

Even Gabe, who is {almost annoyingly} never ever grumpy, has been a somber Sam. 

It's funny. 
The weather never used to have an affect on me. 
Of course I love sunshine. 
Warm rays do something to my soul, as I have uncontrollable urges to do things like sing Pocketful of Sunshine at the top of my lungs with the windows down. 
But I've never minded rain. Or clouds. Or even cold winter evenings.
So, I never really related when people would talk about how dreary weather put them in a funk. 
Or how friends would go into hibernation and give in to the winter blues come November. 

I would just make some soup, pop in a DVD, and put on my leopard Snuggie.  

However, the older I've gotten, the more I've found myself suddenly caring about the weather.
I catch myself checking the weather in the mornings and *gasp* talking about it in conversation. 
{Much like the general demographic in, say, a nursing home.}
It controls my plan of action for the day. 
And even has dibbs on my mood. 

The jerk. 

So today's chilly, overcast forecast didn't quite lift me out of my Sunday-Night-Blue slump. 

The weather even affected Chunkin. 
Well, the weather and the fact that she cut 1 tooth this morning and is working on THREE back molars. {She already cut one molar about a month ago, and this thing looks like it belongs to a 35 year old man. I kid you not. And I can see the sharp white tips just ready to poke through the surface any day now on a couple of others.} 

Not to mention she's getting over her first tummy bug. 

Oh. And it didn't help that she got a bloody lip tonight after hitting her head on the dining room bench.
Guess how she got that bloody lip?
Oh it was because she got so excited when I walked into the room that she lost her balance and smacked her lip on the bench. 

On the bright side, all this misery for Chunkin has made her desperate for her mama. 
In fact, I think she's forgotten every word in her little one-year-old vocabulary. 
Except for ma-maaaa.  

And I don't mind one bit. 

She clung to me the entire weekend. 
Would not let me put her down for one second. 
Or screaming would immediately ensue.

But Gabe was amazing, as usual.
He would give me some reprieve for a bit by entertaining and snuggling Miss Beans. 
Make her laugh, even. 
But the moment I walked into the room, she would start crying.
Like she suddenly remembered she was tired, hungry, sick, or sad. 

Thanks to these monster molars and tummy troubles, we didn't get much sleep.
She woke in the middle of the night for a couple of nights, and would only go back to sleep if we rocked her. 
It was quite possibly one of the saddest, yet sweetest, things I've ever experienced. 

She would cry. One of us would go in her room. She would be sitting in her crib sucking her thumb while whimpering. Then lift her little arms out. The moment we went to pick her up, she would jump into our arms and wrap her arms and legs as tightly as her sick little body would allow her. 

Poor little thing. 

This weekend was definitely a tough one. 

It was chock-full of tears, tantrums, and meltdowns.
I was able to accomplish about 20% of my to-do list. 
And that's only because I busted out the Moby. 
Which, by the way, is not at all meant for a  20 lb. fourteen month old. 

Needless to say.
There were definitely moments where I lost bits and pieces of my sanity. 
But I've also never felt more like a mama. 
Never felt so in my element. 

I mean. 
I am absolutely sure that this is what I was put here to do. 
This is my purpose. 

To be a MOM.

I love every tough moment. 
Every little tear.

Because I get to wipe those tears. 
And snuggle away the pain.

And I have to remember that. 
Especially when I'm feeling rather...blah. 

Here's to hoping for a new day tomorrow.
And for sunshine. 
And Chunkin smiles. 
And Tuesday. 
{Which is no longer Monday.}

Good riddance, Case of the Bleghs.

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Ashley Brickner said...

As, hope your little sweetie gets better!!! I can relate though, it does feel good to be needed. ;)