Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day Happies

I love Wednesdays. 

Almost as much as I love fall. 

Good ol' hump day. 
Nothing but happy on Wednesdays.
All day long. 

There's just something about being so close to the weekend. 
Sometimes even more exciting than the weekend itself. 
Wednesday screams, You're almost there. You can do it.

I just love it. 

And this particular Wednesday is my Friday. 
Because I'm off tomorrow. 
So there's some extra giddies going on over in these here parts. 

And you better believe I'm squeezing oodles of fall goodness into the next few days.
So much that I'm sure Gabe and Lyla will never want to look at another pumpkin. 
Let's just say our extra-long weekend includes lots of baking, a significant trip to Hobby Lobby, an orchard, and a garage-gate/pumpkin painting party.

A garage-gate you ask?
Gabe's been dying to hook up a tv in our garage. 
So we're having a tailgate/watch party to cheer on our CATS.
In our garage. 
While painting and crafting on pumpkins. 

The anticipation. 

So in light of hump day and the joy that ensues, I thought I would share some things that are currently making me happy. 

*a.k.a. my current stream of consciousness*

-  I can't get enough pumpkin. {I know, me and the rest of Pinterest.} But seriously. There are so many pumpkin recipes I want to try. I plan to be in the kitchen doing just that tomorrow. And just last week I made some pumpkin chili. It was incredible. Oh. And don't get me started on pumpkin spice lattes. I have a serious problem. {Not to mention a problem with the price. $4.88 for one of those bad boys. Shame on you, Starbucks.}

- Speaking of problems {mostly with self-control}, spending at least 2 lunch breaks a week at Target is not the brainiest move I've ever made. I can honestly say I've never walked out of Target empty-handed. Ever. I mean, have you seen the Threshold line? Or pretty much any little girl outfit? And I just love the Up & Up brand for diapers. But as of yesterday, my problem grew exponentially.  A friend at work introduced me to the app, Cartwheel. Am I the only human on the planet that hadn't heard of this before? You basically get special discounts on certain items and can add the discounts to your "cart". Then once you check out, they scan your phone. And poof. Insta-sale on lots of goodies. Um. What an evil way to trick me into buy everything in the store. Plus my 5% off debit card?

Trouble. - When I went to Target today I only purchased the things on my list and nothing more. Said no one ever.

- A marine friend of Gabe's posted an incredible photo of them from their first deployment in Iraq. I'd never seen it before and must have stared at it for 15 minutes this morning. He was 19 at the time. Actually fighting in a war. While I was in college. Worrying about biology tests. Or what to wear to the weekend's football game. Absolutely crazy to think that we made it through that time period. So proud of my honorable man. 

- A good friend recently posted about having to start disciplining her little man. We are definitely at that age. And I have a feeling we are going to be strict ones. We are incredibly blessed with a generally happy and laid back babe who is independent and can entertain herself for hours. However. Some sort of angry demon monster takes over when food is involved. Hungry or not. If she doesn't get food fast enough she throws an all-out tantrum by pounding her fists, kicking her legs, and screaming. Not okay. She is usually pretty good about signing "more". But lately, she's been screaming instead. So we calmly *but sternly* tell her No, Lyla. We don't scream. We say "more". But there have been a few times when I've actually removed her from her high chair until she calms down. Who knew this stuff began so early?

- I have been a cooking machine lately. Well. If you count cooking three nights a week impressive. Because I sure do. Three nights of cooking is incredibly good for us considering our crazy schedules. {And considering my lack of innate domestic abilities.} Plus, I can honestly say I don't think I cooked one time last year. In fact. I'm pretty sure we went an entire year without eating dinner. Anyway. I have gotten back in the habit of finding new recipes or digging up old favorites. I'm actually enjoying it! And I recently read an article on the importance of the concept of family dinner. Studies have shown that families who take the time to sit down and eat dinner together typically have children who are healthier, smarter, and more confident. A high priority in this house. Well, we try at least.

- We may not have a walker, but we sure do have a busy body. This little lady is into every.thing. We are constantly finding rooms in disarray. And I have to say, it's pretty cute. And quite exhausting. All so new to us! We're so proud at how far Miss Beans has come in terms of her motor abilities. She's cruising, squatting to pick things up (while holding onto something), and *gulp* climbing stairs. I'll give you one guess who taught her how to do that.

Yes. I'm aware that we have a half-naked baby. Climbing the most disgusting stairs you've ever seen. 
That's quality parenting right there, folks. 

Happy Hump Day, All!

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