Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 49: Changing Like Whoa

Week 49: 07/22/13 - 07/28

It's officially taken me two full months. 

To get my house back in order. 
From the hurricane of chaos from this past year. 

No seriously. 
I've gone through every room in our house. 
Shaking my head in horror {and disgust} at the collection of clutter and cobwebs. 
Word of advice to my future self: 
Never, ever let your house go like this again. 

Not to mention the cleanup from TWO major storms. 
Let's just say we're on a first name basis with our insurance company. 
And I've become an expert at flooded-basement-cleanup.
All by myself. 
While husband is out of town at a "conference" in Las Vegas.

Aside from cleaning/organizing/piling/ridding of stuff in and on every cabinet/drawer/shelf/counter/crevice, these past few weeks have been absolutely incredible
There is no other word to describe this precious time with my babe. 

I will say, however, that every week I'm noticing enormous changes. 
Changes that suddenly make me panic for a second.
As I scramble and clutch on to the teeniest little parts that are still baby

But of course I realize that you are not a baby anymore. 

How do I have an almost one year old?

And in that same breath.
These changes are thrilling. 
And make me one proud mama. 

Something tells me I have many more of these feelings to experience in coming years.
Desperate for time to stop. 
Yet excited as you learn, grow, and become more independent. 

With that being said, I want to jot down some specific things I've noticed recently. 
Things that make my heart swell. 
Simple, everyday things that I want to look back on and cherish. 
  • You've been signing "more" for awhile now. Typically when I ask if you want more, you always, always sign for "more". So much, that I was beginning to think that you would eat 24 hours a day if I let you. Until this week. You *finally* started signing "all-done". It used to be when I asked if you were all done, you would start crying and desperately sign "more". Now when I ask, you actually sign that you are done. Sometimes I don't even have to ask, you just tell me what you want. The beauty of baby signing.
  • Absolutely nothing makes my heart burst the way it does when you give kisses. Sometimes they are subtle *in typical Lyla fashion, of course*. But other times they are dramatic and wet. And  lately, you've been catching me by surprise. When I go in to get you from your crib every morning, you pull yourself up to me and give me a giant kiss on the lips. 
    I...I...I can't. 
  • You are a such a little person these days. It always takes me a moment when I realize that you actually understand something I've said to you. Like the other night during our bedtime story, the book said "bye" in it. Without stopping, I kept reading, and you started waving and saying "bye-bye". Or sometimes when I close a book and say "the end", you sign "all-done". Also during story time, you patiently wait to turn the page until I say, "Turn the page, Lyla". Or when I tell you to kiss your baby, and you pick her up and kiss her right on the lips! Or when we ask for a high five, you put your sweet little hand up to touch ours. 
  • We have your first official physical therapy/child development appointment set up for the week after your first birthday. But honestly, you've made so much progress in the last week. We've been doing a couple of PT exercises everyday, and I think they're helping. You've been getting stronger with our pulling up exercises, and you even pulled up one time on your Zany Zoo completely unassisted! And girlfriend, you may not technically crawl, but you are all over the place. I left you for three minutes on your belly, and I came back and couldn't find you. You *somehow* made your way behind the living room chair and were playing with the AC vent. Needless to say, you've been rolling, scooting backwards, and even booty scooting all the way across the room. You've got places to go, and you don't let the fact that you can't quite crawl yet stop you. And sometimes, I swear you crawl when I'm not looking. You little sneaky-pants.
  • Another sign that you really are getting older? Your coping skills have matured tremendously. You are just much more patient. We are even able to stray from your napping schedule (or even skip naps at times) or stretch out time in between meals when we have to. You are also significantly better with people you don't know. (Although, Dr. R. swears your early detection of "stranger-danger" was incredibly healthy *and even advanced* in the social skills department). But, I'm happy we're past that stage. Now, you're still shy when you meet new people and are in new surroundings, but you are no longer terrified. You even let others hold you...a lot. And you're much better with your other baby friends. You don't cry and beg me to hold you when they try to hug or tug at you.
  • And a *sad* little observation. You no longer swirl your feet and hands when you want or need something. Before, if you wanted anything *mostly food* you would start crazily swirling your feet and hands around and around in circles. Everyone always commented on it, and we would laugh hysterically over it. Then, I realized the other day I haven't seen you do that in awhile. And I don't know that I ever mentioned this sweet, quirky little part of your everyday interactions. I'm sort of sad to see them go.
  • Awkward Confession: You have become my professional bathroom buddy. Yep. Every.single.time. we're out running errands, I suddenly have to go to the bathroom. I can't help it. I drink a lot of water. So, without fail, we have to abandon our shopping cart. And you go right into the stall with me, and I hold you while I pee. *Make sure to tuck that one away for your future resume. ;)
  • I seriously think you may be musical...or *fingers crossed* a future dancer. You have some serious rhythm anytime a song is playing and immediately throw your hands in the air and bounce up and down. You also love to clap to the beat (well, sort of). And you absolutely love when I sing to you. Although I can't possibly imagine why. Mama can't hold a tune. Regardless, you love music, and you really love dancing. Especially when mom and dad act like fools and dance for you. :)

*While typing this post, your dad came home from being gone for a week. You immediately squealed and started yelling, "Da-Da-Da"!! I've never seen him smile so big. 
Then you went in for the glasses, immediately followed by a kiss. 


KRISTIN said...

SO sweet! Can't believe she's almost a year already!!! And you could not have said it better when you said "Desperate for time to stop. Yet excited as you learn, grow, and become more independent." That is how I feel every single day.

Krista said...

Her cheeks and sweet smile get me every time!