Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good. {Lyla's First Vacation}

Quaint bed and breakfasts.
Preserved natural landscapes.
Lighthouses for land markers. 
Lobster rolls and chowder for days.
Not a single Wal-Mart or chain restaurant. 

Reunited with New England. 
And it felt *so* good. 

The perfect first vacation as a family of three. 
A vacation we will try to repeat year after year. 

There is something so very special about sharing a part of your past with your child.
This trip did just that. 

We were able to visit some of our favorite local spots. 
Catch up with friends we haven't seen in over two years. 
Drive our old commute to and from work. 
Seriously, Wichita. Where is your scenic commute?

And of course we spent quality time with our *second* family.
Our sweet Rhode Island family. 
In a beach house.
On Cape Cod. 

It really was as perfect as it sounds. 

I obviously took over 600 pictures. 
For the sake of reliving and savoring every ounce of our perfect vacation, I'm going to break it into multiple posts. 

I'm dedicating this particular post to being reunited with our dear friends. 

We got to spend a day at our old digs. 
Visiting with our old landlords.
{Who are like family to us}. 

And spent an entire day seeing old friends. 
Celebrating with tons of food.
Playing intense rounds of yard games. 
And introducing the newest Green to all. 
Then spent the rest of the trip relaxing, beaching, and playing plenty of catch up. 

Needless to say, Lyla didn't hurt for attention this trip. 

Oh, New England.
You will always have a piece of my heart. 

Reunited, and it felt so good. 

**Weeks 47 - 48 : 07/08/13 - 07/21/13**


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