Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 46: Baby Steps

Week 46: 07/01/13 - 07/07/13

How beautiful is this quote?

I'm desperately trying to make it the Green family motto.

And in an effort to slow things down and strive for a calmer life,
we had a quiet, relaxing Fourth of July weekend.

Woke up and drove out to my new favorite place.
A quaint and beautiful berry farm.
Ran by some friends from our Bradley Method classes.
Had a delicious, farm-fresh homemade breakfast.
Hand picked berries.
Enjoyed the morning sunshine.

Then got together with friends.
Friends whom I've known for 95% of my life.
You know, the soulmate kind of friends.

Then you add husbands to the mix?
And it's a perfect combination.
Pure chemistry.
With a lot of laughs.
And a sense of comfort that only exists with few and far between.
Very blessed.

Overall, just trying to simplify life in general.
But it's a work in progress.
As my dear friend mentioned, having more time on my hands just makes me realize how far I'd let things slide at home.

It's been almost two weeks since I quit my job.
Well, 12 days to be exact.
And the past 12 days have been jam-packed.
Going from room to room.
Trying to figure out where to even begin.

How in the world did I let my house get to this point?!?!

Baby things to be put away.
Teacher supplies to be gone through.
So many junk rooms drawers to be organized.
Retirement plans and finances to be figured out.
Someone's BIG birthday party to be planned. ;)

Getting to these things isn't quite as easy as I thought.
With an almost-toddler crawling scooting around.

But that's exactly what I need to be reminded of.
Slow but steady wins the race. 

And no better way to be reminded than by my little sweetie pie.
We're making baby steps, Sweet Chunkin.
In a couple of areas.

Like with stranger anxiety.
You no longer cry when strangers say hello to you.
And *gasp* you've been letting others hold you.

At one point during a get-together with friends,
I had no idea where you were.
Until I spotted you.
Happily squealing and babbling about while being passed around.

And baby steps with mobility.
Which, by the way, is still the status quo.
The only time I see you really work toward crawling is when I'm "not looking".
You are definitely not a performer.
And I often think you feel self-conscious.

But you are taking small steps with assistance from mom and dad!
And you can stand for days while holding on to objects.

You just don't crawl.
Or pull up.
Or show any motivation to do so.

And I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all.
I know babies do things in their own timing.
And I am perfectly happy if you are the tortoise in the race.
But I'm your mama.
And I worry.
So, I've been jotting down some observation notes.
And made an appointment with our pediatrician.
Just to double-check on your development.
Lots of prayers that everything is a-ok.

Which I'm sure it is.

On the bright side, I choose to think that your lack of mobility is God's gift to us as we will be flying with you for the first time tomorrow!

Nervous...but so excited I can barely see straight.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you are loving life!

Our family, two feet at a time said...

Look at that adorable top tooth! She is getting big!

Don't worry about being slow to crawl and pull up. I checked with our pedi too - our son wasn't crawling (until last weekend) and has no interest in pulling up or putting himself into a sitting position. The Dr. said everything seemed fine - and now our little man can't crawl and get into things fast enough. Enjoy these precious moments before you have to cage off rooms/stuff!!!
~A parent still adjusting to a moving child!

Brittany said...

I love that front tooth!! Seriously the cutest thing ever :) So excited for you mama and enjoy the calm!!! I need some calm in my life right now!