Friday, July 26, 2013

Eat, beach, nap, repeat.

I apologize for two things.

1. Dragging out my "Let me share with you how amazing of a vacation we had" post.
2. The obnoxious string of pictures that go along with #1.

But I can't help myself.

I'm doing this for me.

Because I want to remember.
And savor.
Every bit of our seaside vacation.
Our very first family vacation.

Our Cape Cod trip was the perfect vacation for an almost one year old.
A crabby teething almost one year old.

We had a beach house right on the water.
And 16 extra hands willing to rescue us the babe at a moment's notice.

I was prepared to release quite the slack in our routine.
But luckily, we didn't have to stray too much from the norm.
We were able to stick to two naps most days.
And we just let Ly dictate when she was ready to go down for the evenings.
While we *ahem* proceeded to have adult beach time fun just a few feet away.

We were spoiled.
And now, I can't imagine not having a house right on the beach.
Because Ly's maximum beach time limit was about an hour.
Before we had one giant, hot, wet, sandy meltdown.
**Probably because the hour prior to beach time was spent sun-screening, bug-spraying, packing a beach bag, putting on swimsuits, and walking down to the beach. Only to then realize someone had a dirty diaper. Then we had to start all over. Take off the *wet* swimsuit, change said diaper, and try to put back on swimsuit onto an angry, sweaty, squirmy baby. Why, oh why, do most girl swimsuits not have snaps on the crotch? Why?!?!

As I was saying.
It was a huge convenience for our house to be right on the water.
Because after Lyla's maxed-out capacity of beach fun, we were able to take her right up to the house for a nap.


In addition to the benefit for the babe, this vacay was just what we needed as well.
It was seriously the first time I fully relaxed since Lyla was born.
And relax, I did.

Everyday looked just about the same:

Morning coffee and Today Show.
Get ready for the beach.
Relax in the hammock.
Shop and/or explore.
Family dinner.
Couple Yard Olympics.
Game night.


I mean.
I love me some dining al fresco.
But do it on the deck with the Atlantic Ocean at your side?
I die.

And I truly don't think I've consistently laughed as hard as I did on this vacation.

From the moment we made two discoveries in the house: 1). That one of our two bathrooms (for 10 people and 1 baby) had a three-foot shower space and 2). That Paul and Lynne were sharing their bed with a mama spider and her thousand babies.
Combine those discoveries with some Sweet Tea Vodka, Game of Things and Cards Against Humanity?
Nothing but hysterical laughter for the rest of the trip.

Perfect trip for the baby.
Even better trip for the adults.

Win-win for all.

Exploring the Cape. 
Including Mashpee, Falmouth and Chatham

Family dinners hosted by Chefs Jerilyn and Sarah 
*With Portuguese and Armenian descents, you have no choice but to prepare the most amazing meals anyone has ever smelled or tasted.*

Couples Yard Olympics.
Ladder Golf, Bocce Ball, and Corn Hole

A beach, a hammock, cocktails, board games, and plenty of giggles


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Loved the pics! You're little girl is a cutie pie!

Happy Friday! : )

Leigh said...

Ah it looks like you guys had an amazing vacation! I love L's chubby and cute!

McGriddle Pants said...

I gotta say -- her face is so funny when whomever is with her in the pic she is so... STONE FACED... and everyone else is laughing and having a good time. Its kinda hilarious.

But I also love the Gabe and the Babe pics where he REALLY gets her laughing and giggling and they share a quiet moment together. Its so precious.


Glad you got to relax in little rhodey and land of Massholes... HAHAHAHAA! I miss New England! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was a great time! Cards Against Humanity is by far the best adult game ever.