Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weeks 36 & 37: Cuddles

Weeks 36 and 37: 04/21/13 - 05/04/13

Sweet Beansie.

I know it goes without saying.
But you have completely stolen my heart. 

Every last morsel of it.

I'm feeling particularly bonded with you lately. 
You've really become quite the mama's girl. 
Well, a Daddy's girl too.
You are just an all-around family gal I'd say.

But you've been a little more needy for your mama the past couple of weeks. 
Lots of cuddling on my chest...which you haven't done since the newbie days. 
And I swear you're saying mama again. 
It's still more of a "maaa-maaa-maa-maa".
Usually when you're upset.
And when you need your mama. ;)
Plus. You reach out for me all.the.time.

But the best?
The moment I walk in the door from work every night.
You gasp, give the cheesiest grin, and start clapping and bouncing up and down. 

Best part of my days.
By far. 

You've been such a little cuddle bug.
I think it's because I've been so busy the past 2 weeks. 
Like a hurricane. 
One giant, chaotic storm of busy. 
Something every night of the week.  
Even a few before-school meetings. 
And even an out-of-town trip. 
And several sleepless nights. 

But just 2 more weeks. 

And then it's you, me, pool time, long walks, and crafting.  
*And a lot of work to prepare for Common Core next year...duh-duh-DUH.*

But lucky for me, you're a professional napper. 
And I hope to get a lot done while you snooze. 
Without 20 other kiddos receiving every ounce of energy I have. 
And no more long nights dedicated to lesson planning.
Or grading. 
Funny. I can actually do work when I don't have to work. 

Another reason I'm counting down the days until summer?
Because breastfeeding has gone from extremely hard to nearly impossible. 

My supply has dipped.
A lot. 
It feels like I see my pump more than you.
Probably because I do. 

And in just the last two weeks alone I've pumped in the parking lot of the zoo *on the busiest day of the year*, my school parking lot, our school counselor's office, in the car while driving to meetings, and in a friend's bathroom while getting ready for a bachelorette party. 

But I'm only producing enough for about 1 1/2 bottles. 

All of that work.
For not even 2 bottles. 
And all of those horribly awkward situations. 
Not to mention the time commitment.
The life of a working, nursing, pumping mother...
Holy hard work. 

How in the world have I kept this up?

Luckily, I have a ton of frozen milk. 
We're still going through frozen bags from January. 
Which means we can totally make it another 2 weeks. 
And then no.more.pump.
Just you and me. 
And we will *hopefully* make it to the year mark. 
Or at least really close. 

So worth it. 

And for the record.
I'm totally enjoying this sweet little clingy phase.
Because it makes me feel like one special mama.


Jessica said...

What a cutie angel you have!! And I have to say I am so impressed with your dedication to breastfeeding!! So many people would have given up by now with all the pumping, especially in awkward places (the zoo!!), Go You!! ;)

Crystal Seed said...

She is just to stinkin' cute! And I totally give you mad props for continuing the pumping and BFing while you're working! I had a very hard time with it, and stopped at around 9're doing awesome, Mama!!!

Ali Moore said...

Someone's hair is growing!

Carolyn said...

Somehow when I switched to Bloglovin, I lost your blog! So I'm back! HAHA

She's cute as ever!! :)

maria said...

I've been reading along for a little while now and I just wanted to say that you are doing such an awesome job at being a (working) mama!
I'm so impressed that you're continuing with pumping and breastfeeding.
I know how hard it can be sometimes and I only work 2 evenings a week.
Good job, mama!

Oh and your baby girl is too cute!
I have a nine month old boy, such a fun age hey?

Krista said...

Ok, I know everyone tells every mom that their baby is cute, but your baby is SERIOUSLY cute. She just might be the cutest baby I have ever seen:).