Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 40: Start to Summer

Week 40: 05/19/13 - 05/25/13

Oh Miss Beans.
This week, we reached the end of the tunnel.

In fact.
I am writing while you nap as we speak.
Because I'm on summer break.

Let's just let that simmer for a moment.

I have to work throughout the summer.
One week in, and I already had to attend a professional work day.
And I've been staying up way too late working on things to try to minimize the blow of the chaos sure to ensue from the rollout of common core standards in our district next year.

I'm on summer break.

So I work while you nap.
I blog.
I spend an entire day organizing my closet.
I purge clothes I don't wear.
I clean the office and organize my crafty things.
*Because I'm so crafty.*
Your dad and I watch movies.
I make baby food.
I go to Sonic's Happy Hour
I get a new package from Amazon Prime daily.
*Because I have too much time on my hands*.
I send packages to my best friend in Africa.
I frequent the isles of Hobby Lobby.
I dine al fresco.
I have cookouts with my favorites.

But most importantly,
I hang with my sweet Chunkin.

And my how things can change in one week.

You are suddenly a feisty little thing.
Don't get me wrong.
You are still sweet and dainty.
And of course quite wary of strangers.
In fact, you just burst into tears last week when a man at Dillons grabbed your feet.
*Although I can't say I blame you.*

But you have developed a fun, sassy little tude.

For one, you finally cut that top tooth you've been working on for weeks.
*Praise the Lord.*

And you decided to surprise Dad and I by flipping to your belly in the middle of the night one night.
This may not seem like such a big deal to many.
But you have always despised being on your belly.
And you're not much of a mover.

So imagine our surprise when we went in to wake you one morning.
And you were on your belly at the opposite end of the crib.
Just scooting around.
With a huge ornery grin on your face.

Now that you've discovered this new world view,
you turn to your belly after we put you down.
And scoot around in your crib.
And have wrestling matches with your stuffed animals.

Feisty little thing.

Dad and I had a nice little preview to the world of toddlerdom.

Because you, Miss Beans, had your first tantrum.

You see, you love to play silly games with your Dad.
Like the other day, every time he sat you down, you instantly slammed yourself backward.
*Luckily, there was a nice couch cushion.*

Or like your steamroller game.
Where you roll right off Daddy's chest.

This is your favorite.
Get on Dad's chest.
Roll off.
Laugh hysterically.

You were trying to roll off the couch the other day.
And, like the good parent that he is, Dad would not let you.

You stopped for a second.
Looked him straight in the eye.
Stared for a moment in utter disbelief.
And began to cry.
And kick your feet.
As if to say, "I HAVE MY RIGHTS!"

So Dad caved.
And let you roll.
Right into his arms.

And you were our happy Chunkin again.

Something tells me we have our work cut out for us.

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Carolyn said...

YAY! :) Enjoy the extra time with your munchkin!