Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 39: Kansas Girl

Week 39: 05/12/13 - 05/18/13

Well, Chunkin.
You survived your first tornado.
Unfortunately it was more-than-likely not your last.

Because you are a Kansas girl.
And Kansas brings the most unpredictable weather. 

Just a few weeks ago, for example.
It was 35 and 85 degree weather all in the same week.
But this past weekend's weather snuck up on us.

It started off nice.
In fact, we were outside the entire weekend.
Dining al fresco.
Playing on the deck while Dad and I gardened.
Hanging with Grams and Gramps.

And we celebrated your friend Henry's first birthday in style.
Dressed in our hats and bow ties as it was a Kentucky Derby theme.

Dad and I had a blast. 
You also had a long as Mom and Dad didn't leave your sight.
Or put you down.
Your stranger anxiety was in full force. 
This included being terrified of other babies.
We're really hoping to outgrow this soon.

You were not enjoying the fact that you were so sweaty.
It was incredibly humid. 
Just begging for a storm.

And that's exactly what happened. 
We had tornado warnings the next day.
One even touched down right near GiGi and Pops.
It was 2 miles wide.

You and I hung out in the basement.
While your father finished brewing beer. 
It wasn't until I begged with tears in my eyes that he come to the basement.

5 minutes later, our window blew out in the garage.
Glass and hail was everywhere. 
Right where he was brewing beer minutes before.

Now I know where you get your stubborn-ness from.

But we were very lucky.
We didn't get any of the tornadoes near us.
Just monster hail.
We have to get our roof, gutters, siding, and a window replaced.
But others in Moore, Oklahoma were not so lucky. 
Including a group of third graders.

All I could do was snuggle you to pieces.
While thanking God for allowing us to be abundantly blessed.
And praying for those who lost everything.

I'm not quite sure how we got so lucky.
All I know is I am filled with gratitude.
And thankfulness.

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