Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nine Months

9 Months Old: 05/19/13
17 lbs. 12 oz.

Sweet Chunkin.
It is so fun to watch you grow into this little person. 
With a distinct personality. 

Most of the time, you're a dainty southern belle.
The damsel in distress type. 
A real lady.

But then every now and again, you get a burst of silly.
And are straight up goofy.
You make us laugh.
And of course it's contagious.
So you start laughing. 
Then we laugh some more. 

Regardless of your demeanor for the day, you always make us smile. 
So thanks for that. 

Our month in a nutshell. 

Milestones. Someone hold the phone. You are tolerating your belly this month. And dare I say...enjoying it even. Last month, you would push up on your arms for about 3 seconds and then take a rest. Although it was adorable, I worried a wee bit considering that you can't learn to be mobile when you stop every 3 seconds to rest your head. 

But now, you are completely pushing up on your arms. And you are able to balance yourself on all just aren't quite sure how to move yet. But you can turn in a circle on your belly when you need to get to something you want. And you scoot backwards when you're really excited. But it all depends on if you're motivated in that particular moment. 

Because let's face it. On days you don't want to be on your belly at all, you simply roll over. Then I'll put you back on your belly, and you roll over. And then start laughing. You think it's the funnest game you've ever played. And you're pretty proud of yourself. You stubborn mule, you. But at least we're progressing!

Firsts.  You've been perfecting your wave. You mostly do it for me in the mornings as I say goodbye, but you did it for the first time for Grams and Gramps. I'm pretty sure that made their year. 

The only other major first this month was Mama's first Mother's Day. It was so special. 

Big Moments. You sure know how to make me feel special. 
Like when you hold out your arms because you want me to hold you. Or how you look right into my eyes, then flash a smile so big I think it just might extend out past your face. And I can't explain to you what it does to my heart when every time I walk in the door, you starting jumping up and down and squealing. 

And you've been so cuddly. Often before I got to work in the mornings, we just have some mother-daughter time with you lying on my chest while I rock you.  It's amazing how perfectly your little body just...fits. OH! And you do this sweet thing where when we pick you up, you clutch us really hard and gasp. Like you can't hug us hard enough. Melt my heart why don't you. 

And then there's your time with Dad. Oh my goodness. You sure love your daddy. The two of you just laugh and laugh. He flies you around, makes bath time your favorite time of day, and plays all kinds of silly games with you. Your current favorite is rolling off his chest onto the bed. 

But I think my favorite thing this month has been how much you love to imitate us. You love to study everything we do...and it always catches us off guard when you make a noise or do something we do. Like "coughing". Boy you love to fake cough. You and Dad will "cough" back and forth for hours. And you make these deep, breathy noises (my FAVORITE) and sing-songy noises.

Eating. Well. The good news is, you are a fabulous eater. You have eaten everything we've ever given you. This month you we added to your palette: whole grain banana pancakes, mango, applesauce, yogurt, yellow zucchini, pumpkin, pizza (only a few bites of mama's.)

There really isn't bad news per se, it's just that you've lost your enthusiastic zeal for milk. Nursing or bottle. Which doesn't help my major-dip-in-supply situation. But luckily, I have 4 days of school left, so  I really feel that my body will be able to adjust to your needs since I won't be working. 

In other good news, you have gotten to be a champ pincher grasper-er. You love feeding yourself. However, we still have to help you out with the slippery things like bananas and mango. 

Sleep. Well, Girlfriend. You love to sleep. And most of the time, I'm glad. But sometimes, I really wish that you could stay awake later. Until I realize how amazing it is that you don't wake in the night...ever.  Plus, I'm hoping to work with you this summer to get your bedtime to 7:00. Then we could go out to dinner at 5:30 instead of 5:00. ;)

LovesYour current love(s) are your stuffed animals in your crib. You particularly love you daddy's old teddy bear, Brit. It's so cute to go in to wake you up in the morning, and your cuddling your animals. 

Oh. And you really, really love peek-a-boo. It never gets old. Ever. 

Dislikes. I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to say "dislike", but you definitely don't love other babies. This is something we're working on. I think it's because most of your baby friends are boys, and they are much rougher than you prefer. Because you're a lady. :)

Elderly people. GiGi took you to an estate sale and two elderly people (stopping at different times) bent down to say hello to you. And you burst into tears. GiGi said you seemed quite terrified.

That being said. Sometimes, I feel like your stranger danger is back. You went through a phase a couple months ago, then it sort of went away. And I feel like now you are so completely aware when mom and dad are not around, and you sort of...panic. Luckily, I read on today that 9 months is the peak of stranger danger. So hopefully we're near the end?

Personality. Right now, you want everything we have and want to do everything we do.
 If I'm eating a sandwich, your baby peas will not suffice. You want a sandwich. If I'm writing on a notepad, you take my pen and paper from me. You just think you're so grown up. 

Favorite Playthings. You are with your wooden animal puzzle. I mean true love. And you've also rediscovered your exersaucer. Your Dad. Seriously. You love him a lot. 

Oh my goodness. 
This growing up thing is hard. 
So just stop. 


Carolyn said...

I just love her little cheeks! I can't believe she's already 9 months old!

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Seriously- such a beauty!!

Shoshanah said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! She always just looks like the happiest baby in all your photos.