Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 35: Nothing but Fun

Week 35: 04/14/13 - 04/20/13

I sure wish I had a nifty little time-freezing gadget.
I would push pause right now.
Because this phase is

You just love everything around you.
Sweatshirt laces.
Dad's glasses.
Your toes.
Blades of grass.
Samson's tongue.
Grandpa Tony's chin.
Your big girl cup.

And your hands.
You love your hands.

And you love to carefully study everything around you.

GiGi peeked in at you during nap time one day.
You were carefully studying every little fray on the end of a blanket.

And sometimes, you are a real go-getter.

By practically leaping out of our arms to get something you want.
Like a jar of peanut butter.
Or an iphone. 

But you really, really love to clap. 
It is your most favorite thing ever. 
Especially when the music is on. 

You are an all-around quiet baby. 
Very delicate and soft. 

But some days, you hoot, holler, and screech.
And just babble and jabber.

But then you clam right up the moment we're around a group of people.
It takes a good 30 minutes for your to warm up.
Before you even make a peep.
Or crack a smile.
It makes me want to shout out, "I PROMISE MY BABY IS HAPPY AND FUN".
But I don't.
Because you're you.
And with time, your sweet *and funny* little personality comes out.

You are exactly like your father in that regard.

And guess what?

You rolled over this week. 
Multiple times.

Only *ahem* 3 months late.

And you were so proud.
Probably because we were cheering like you just won an Olympic medal.

The doctor still swears there is absolutely no concern for your lack of desire to...well...move.
No concern at all.
She says some babies are just not tummy babies.
Which makes sense with your colic troubles and all.

Tummy time usually consists of you laying your head down and sucking your thumb.

So we celebrate the small victories.

More victories soon to come.
I see a lot more clapping in our future.

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Vanessa said...

Hi Angela! I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I've loved reading your blog lately…and Lyla is SO darn cute! I found you through Ali and Emily T, and I seriously feel like I'm reading about my baby every time you post. I think our girls are only a couple of days apart :) Anyway, just wanted to say hello…good luck with the rest of your school year. Bet you're so excited for a summer with Lyla!