Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 33: Spring Fever

Week 33: 03/31/13 - 04/06/13

You made an exciting new friend last week. 

His name is Spring. 

We played with him for hours and hours.

Unfortunately, he was a major tease.
Introduced himself.
Played with you for a few days. 
Then turned right around and left. 

His replacement?

Icicle-laden trees and 20 degree weather.


But hopefully he will return. 
Because you L.O.V.E. pulling grass.
And studying it.
With your mouth.

Some other fun things you've been doing lately?

Waving your hands in the air.
Like you just don't care. 
It's like you're yelling, "TOUCHDOWN" or "Let's get this party started!"
So cute.
And quite hilarious.

And you're still rubbing your ear a lot.
Don't worry though.
We ruled out an ear infection.
Doc says it's probably just a comfort thing.
Or you just like the sound it makes.

Something else Doc said to make me feel better?
That there's no need to worry about your...lack-of-desire to be mobile.
She said you are an amazing sitter.
And have quite impressive balance.
Who knew someone could be "skilled" in sitting?
But she says you are.

Like how she can push you from side to side by the shoulders, and you push yourself back up.
Or how you bend all the way forward to pick something up.
And how you multi-task with different toys.
Some babes are just perfectly content sitting.
Why work when you're content? 

I should be soaking this stage up while it lasts. 

And good news. 
Your bumpers came in!
And you love them.
You talk to them for an hour before you fall asleep at night.
Plus, no more getting Chunkin thighs stuck between the bars. 
It only took 7 months for mama to finally get on the ball.

I clearly deserve Mother-of-the-Decade award. 

And Dad's been playing a fun new game with you. 
He puts a blanket over your face.
Then says, "Wheeerrrre's Lyla?"
And you slowly start to pull the blanket off.
When you make eye contact, you burst out laughing.

Well, Beans. 
Countdown to summer break continues.

Until then, let's just cross our fingers.
And hope Spring makes his appearance again soon.

Because let's be honest.
Your thighs don't fit in any of your winter pants.

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Kendra said...

She is so cute. And our ENT said that sometimes Jacoby might rub his ears if he's teething. Just another thought! Also, I'm so jealous you get summer off with your sweet babe!