Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 34: Bad Habits

Week 34: 04/07/13 - 04/13/13

Oh, my little Stinker.

You've picked up quite the habit.
A not-so-good-we-better-stop-this-right-now habit. 

You have picked up biting.  

Now, I get it.
You could be teething. 
You could be exploring new things.
Or it could be that you and Gigi started playing a "game" when you finished your bottle.
*This game has since come to an immediate halt*

But this habit is not good news. 
Because you like to experiment on Mom. 

And I have one thing to say about that.


In addition to forming this new habit,  you've also learned a new word:

You're not quite sure what it means yet. 
But by the tone of my voice, you're pretty sure you don't like it.
You grimace.
Then bat your eyelashes. 
And stare at me with those Jasmine eyes. 

At least you're not laughing anymore. 

And you've actually gone on a bit of an eating strike. 
Not just with nursing. 
But your bottle makes you pretty mad.
I think you're just rebelling.

Hopefully this is just a phase. 
Something tells me it is. 
Because you are Chunkin. 
And you love your eats.

But I do have to say.
Bad habit or not, 
you're still pretty cute. 
And steal the show wherever you are. 

Like this weekend.
You had a quick visit with your Auntie Ab and Uncle Brad.
They sure love you. 

And you sure love them.
And the warm weather.
When it decides to make an appearance.
You have become quite the outdoor chic.
Which Dad is pretty excited about it. 

But Mom is seriously starting to panic. 
Because it's supposed to snow tomorrow. 
Yes. Snow.
In April.
And you have outgrown your six month clothes.
And all that fits is your summer wardrobe. 

I'm pretty sure your cute bathing suits won't be much help the next few days.

We'll just have to make-do with a hodgepodge of things I can scrounge up. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is,
Stop growing. 

And while you're at it?
Stop biting.



McGriddle Pants said...

noooooooooo biting bad!!! :-O

Krista said...

Her jacket is to die for! Hope the biting stops! :) Carson bit me once and it is painful!

Amanda said...

I feel you on the biting thing! Thankfully he only bites me and Scott, but I would be horrified if he started biting other kids. The worst part is when I tell him no and he looks right at me...and laughs. The only thing I've found that works is by heading it off and finding what triggers it - mainly when he's tired and teething. The only thing that works for us is saying "No Bite!" and setting him down for a minute. Separation from us is the only thing that snaps him out of it. Hopefully he grows out of this stage soon!

Brittany said...

She is such a cutie! I feel you on the clothes that don't fit because of the cold weather! We are ready for spring!!!!

Charlie bit me 3 times HARD - once I bled and it was not pretty nor did it feel good. I wanted to just quit - but I was determined to teach him and it is amazing after saying no sternly and him getting upset twice, he doesn't bite much anymore. I do have to catch him at the end of a nursing session though - otherwise he just "browses" as I call it!!

And the stored milk thing - oh my. I'm wanting to cut out a pumping session so bad since I still do 3 times a day at work. I think I'm going to and then I get nervous that I'll run out of milk. And then I look at my freezer and tell myself I'm stupid because like you, I have stuff in there from December/November. I mean, let's get real. It will pretty much change my life though. The before bed pumping is the WORST.

**Longest comment ever** :)