Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Months

8 Months Old: 04/19/13

16 lbs. 15 oz. and 27 inches long

Eight months with you.
The best months I've ever had.
That's for sure.

It's been quite the ride, Beans.
And I keep thinking, "This is the best month yet."
But you're a one-upper.
And each passing month brings even more joy.

With you and your cuteness.
And rolls for days.

I'm basically saying I love you.
More than anything.

Milestones. Sometimes I think you're so close to crawling. You have completely lost your fear of using your arms. And while sitting, you completely bend over, put your arms out, and act like you're going to just scoot off. But you don't. Doc says she wouldn't be surprised if you're a baby who skips the crawling stage all around and just gets up and walks someday. 

You have some pretty crazy acrobatic moves these days. Bringing your toes to your mouth. Doing a full-on toe touch while on the floor. We may have a future cheerleader on our hands. Or a gymnast. After all, your dad did gymnastics until he was 12. *And you better believe I remind him of that all the time. *

And I swear you have been saying "mama". It's usually when your'e upset and really say, "mmmaaa-mmmaaa". Who knows if you're really saying mama. But I still like it. ;)

You have really started imitating us. Especially by shaking your head "no-no". You love shaking your head. Now just to get you to nod your little head for "yes-yes"...

Firsts.  You started intentionally clapping this month! It's the sweetest little thing I've ever seen. You especially like to clap to music. GiGi says you have nice rhythm. And you love when we clap for your. You immediately get so proud, you start clapping for yourself. 

You've also started waving "bye-bye". At first I thought you were just randomly waving your arms around. But then I realized, you have totally made the connection to leaving and waving. You haven't totally got it down yet, but when I leave you in the mornings, or when Pops leaves you, you wave your little arm up and down while we say, "Bye-bye, Lyla!"

Big Moments. You've been a little "off" this month. So off, that we took you to the doctor to rule out an ear infection. Turns out, you just love to rub your ear because of the sound it makes. But last week, I noticed your top left gum was quite swollen. And then GiGi and a friend mentioned something as well. So could you be teething yet again?
I feel like you have teethed 50% of your life. 
But, reality check. 
That's what babies do. ;)

Oh! And mama started sitting you in the grocery cart seat. We no longer take your car seat in anywhere we go. You LOVE grocery shopping and eating out at restaurants now. Big girl. 

Eating. You started eating 5 ounce bottles this month. And you eat solids twice a day - usually 1-2 ounces. We introduced you to carrots and bananas this month. And you have gotten SO good at your pincher grasp. You are able to feed yourself Puffs and bananas. Although, the bananas are quite they usually slide out of your little fingers. 

I'm still nursing. Which you've been kinda funny about lately. You get so distracted, and you even started biting again. Overall, you haven't been the greatest nurser this month. Which led to another clogged duct. Hoping it's just teething...or just a phase. 

And still nursing means still pumping. Just the thought of the sound of my pump makes me cringe. BUT. I actually made the decision to take out one pumping session. I no longer pump before I go to bed. Because I realized I have milk saved from DECEMBER. And I only get about an ounce during that session anyway. It's amazing how eliminating one pumping session seems to have changed my life. I no longer get into bed for the night, only to realize, "UGH, I have to pump." Plus, I only have one and a half months to make it to summer...where I can exclusively nurse again. Woot-woot!

Sleep. On a typical night, you go to bed at 6:30 and don't make a peep until I wake you at 6:30. But you have surprisingly had 3 or 4 nights this month where you suddenly wake (usually before we go to bed). Each time you've been quite distraught and I've had to nurse you. It was kind of nice. Because I miss you so much during the day. (Again, you've been a bit off this month). 

Loves. You LOVE your feet. It's like you've discovered them for the first time. In fact, you don't fall asleep for quite some time because you're so enamored by your tootsies. You love sounds that you make. Like when you rub your right ear or scratch the chair while I nurse you. Some other major obsessions this month: playing "Where's Lyla", your new wooden blocks, shaking your head no-no, fake coughing, discovering you can make a gasping sound, hiccups, and the wind.
Oh my word. You love the wind. You laugh hysterically when it's windy out. *This also includes when Dad replicates the wind by blowing on your face. 

Dislikes. Little boys. You think they are too rough. We're working on this. And you really dislike hats. Especially Pop's and Grandpa Tony's hats. 

Personality. Overall, you're very laid back, chill, and quiet. Like your dad. But then you surprise us and squeal, sing, and yell...loudly. 

Favorite Playthings. Wooden blocks, your Kitty Tails book, the pups, and any jewelry mama wears. 

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