Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bump Update: 32 Weeks

I have been carrying our sweet baby for 8 months.


People keep asking me if I'm ready.


And no.

I mean, you'd think after 8 months, I'd be ready. But I still feel like there is more money to be saved, more projects to be finished in the nursery, more precious time spent with my hubby, and more books to be read to "prepare" me for what is to come.

What a joke, right?

I will NEVER be ready.

My hope is that she comes into this world and things will just... fall into place.

How Far Along: 32 Weeks - 8 months. And I'm actually 33 weeks today. Holy hyperventilating. 

Maternity Clothes: Um. Yes. I am ALL maternity. I have friends who just buy bigger "regular" clothes...not I. I feel most comfy in maternity. And I've actually outgrown some of my earlier gear. Yikes!

Gender: GIRL! On this note... since I'm a low-risk pregnancy, I've only had 1 sonogram. So this is all we have to go by in terms of the sex. I've had a few moments lately (specifically after we've put in HOURS of work on the nursery and washing all her little baby girl clothes) where I've thought to myself, "Hmm. Funny if she came out a boy". 

I've known 3 people this has happened to. 

Let's all cross our fingers...

Movement: Her movements have completely changed. I love them so much. She's no longer kicking or poking. Now, she's simply stretching out, nudging, and rolling all over the place. We feel her little legs and arms all the time. Makes my heart MELT! 

She's also ventured up into my ribcage. This does not feel overly comfy. 

Sleep: They say that insomnia is very common and I believe 70% of women deal with it during 3rd trimester. I have been BEYOND lucky. I wake up once every night to go to the bathroom, and I barely remember it. I am sleeping so well. 

I do wake up every time I have to roll over (which is about every hour) simply because it is a whole process. But I'm still sleeping beautifully. 

And I don't feel bad about it. I struggled with YEARS of insomnia. Years. I think now my body is just making up for all that lost sleep. :)

What I miss: *Being able to roll over without looking and feeling like a walrus. *Wearing a cute little Victoria's Secret bikini. *Being able to paint my toes. *Not having to worry about every single thing that I ingest. 

Cravings: Starbucks Iced Soy Lattes and Quik Trip fountain sodas. Stop judging. I switch it up and get caffein free half of the time. Can't help it. Let a girl indulge. 

Other crazy symptoms: Heartburn is bad. Luckily, I only get it about 3 times a week. Oh, and Braxton Hicks contractions every day. I was getting concerned because I have so many, but my doctor says that you often feel them if you are in shape and work out a lot. 

Oh. And the weight (annoyingly) just keep piling on. I gained 5 dang pounds in Aruba, and now I'm starting to gain a pound a week. Not happy about this. But it's all for my little chunky monkey! :) But surprisingly, my weight nazi of a doctor  says that I look great and there is no concern on the weight gain end. Phew! 

Size of Babe: Honeydew and 4 pounds. 

Best Moment this week: I'm combining several moments over the last few weeks. 

1). The nursery is FINALLY coming together!!! I'm such a planner, but this has been one thing we've really had a difficult time just getting done. Our schedules have been insane, so it's been hard. But it is finally starting look like an adorable little baby room. Pics soon to come. ;)

Two observations about the nursery:
  • It's Gabe's new hangout. I find him hanging out in my rocker with a beer and his iPad daily now. 
  • Sam is LOVING the new rug. I like to think that it's his little way of telling Lyla he's excited to meet her. :)

2). Date night with my love. Of course we got Mexican food and frozen yogurt. 

3). So many CLASSES. We've taken a baby care, how to soothe a crying baby, and our Bradley Method labor and deliver classes. And we still have more to go! We are absolutely loving our labor classes. It's a 12 week course focusing on natural childbirth, and Gabe and I have reached a whole new level of bonding. It's very special. And I'm SO happy with the class.

4). My out-of-town college friend shower. My college besties threw me the sweetest little shower a couple of weeks ago. Little Lyla is already so spoiled! ;)

Bump Pic:


Gina's Blog said...

Oh you just look so dang cute!!!

Carolyn said...

I love this! Especially the part about him hanging out in the room! SO CUTE! :)

Kristin said...

8 months already?! NO WAY! You are too cute!

AbbyS. said...

i see no walrus. i see a very cute, tiny pregnant girl. you are adorable. (Ps- Now, I want a Red Stripe)

Aliya said...

Ok seriously? You are ADORABLE. Also, I sort of hate you for sleeping so well this late in your pregnancy… I had the worst insomnia for weeks 30 onwards

Crystal Seed said...

YOU kill me! You are so tiny! I love it! You have the cutest belly ever! So sweet!!

Krista said...

You look fantastic Ang! Things WILL just fall into place. Trust me. I didn't read one book to prepare and somehow I just know how to be a mom:). Lyla is so lucky to have a mom like you!

Shoshanah said...

I seriously feel like you just announce your pregnancy and can't believe you're so close. I'm sure she'll be here before you know it!