Thursday, July 19, 2012

33 Week Bumpdate

So. I almost did a "please let me vent post" a few days ago. 

But I figured bumpdates are much more uplifting. 

And I didn't have the energy to blog, to be honest. 

And deep down I completely know I have NOTHING to complain about. I am beyond blessed. 
But let's just say that since the moment (literally) we got back from vacation 3 weeks ago, things have gone awry - from the dishwasher flooding our basement, to the fridge going out ONE month out of warranty, to having an incredibly sick dog (and now dogS), to the hubs' car overheating, to my poor husband having to go back and forth to the dentist 6 times in 3 weeks, to a lighting re-wire turning into us not having lights in the majority of our house. Not to mention the lack of money able to go into our "savings-for-12-weeks-of-unpaid-maternity-leave"...we just keep seeing $$$ heading out the door

When it rains it pours, right? 

But a friend brought up a very valid point - at LEAST all of this is going on before Lyla gets here. 
And. Done with Vent. Thank you very much. 

How Far Along: 33 Weeks. And on a brighter note...
I don't think I've talked about my third trimester too much. And I feel that I MUST. Most women say their third trimester is the most difficult (or at least a tie with first trimester). And most women say second trimester is the "honeymoon phase". 
So, I really started to feel guilty about my feelings in the first 6-7 months/MOST of my pregnancy. 
I didn't like any part of it...except for my sweet little gal moving around inside me of course. But I felt sick all.the.time. And I had just about every symptom you could possible have in pregnancy: fatigue, heartburn, major intestinal issues, and a terrible body image. 
Well, I hit my third trimester, and I immediately began to feel better. I rarely feel sick (but do still get heartburn), and I am fully on board with my changing body. The moment people could actually tell I was pregnant and started asking me, "When are you due" changed the way I looked at myself. 
And now, pregnancy is going GREAT! I'm loving it. :)
Maternity Clothes: Yes. And I'm quite terrified of what I'm going to wear for those couple of weeks I'll be back at school. Things are starting not to fit! 
Gender: Baby Girl Lyla. 
Movement: Little miss thang is up in my ribcage. And I've been feeling some kind of appendage for the last week - arm? leg? She keeps stretching it out - yesterday, I poked it, and she moved it. I giggled. 
Sleep: Well. It was bound to happen, right? I'm still sleeping very well, however, I wake up multiple times a night. It takes so much for me to roll over! 
And, I feel like I got a SLIGHT glimpse at motherhood this week. My poor little Samson was incredibly sick with an intestine/pancreas infection, and I didn't sleep a wink two nights in a row because I was so worried about him. I kept waking up to just go spend time with him in the bathroom, and I would give him water to drink off my finger because I was so worried about dehydration. 
AND, I've gotten to a point where some nights, I wake up and my mind starts racing. Last night I was up from 2-4 just thinking of all I have to do. 
What I miss: Nothing at the moment. Just trying to enjoy these last weeks.
Cravings: Pudding. Cereal - I go to bed at night SO excited for my bowl of cereal in the morning. :)
Other crazy symptoms: None really this week. Feeling great!
Size of Babe: Pineapple - my favorite fruit!

Best Moment this week

1). Nursery comes more and more together everyday. Pics to come soon...PROMISE.
2). Got a package in the mail from Auntie Lynne and Uncle Paul - we got a little bottle steamer and our Angel Care Monitor! Too generous! 

We also got some BOOKS from Uncle Adam and Auntie Rach, but the card was my favorite: "Baby Green, With a mom who is a teacher and an uncle who is an English teacher, you better get your read on early!" Loved this. :)

And some clothes we got previously from our Rhode Island Families: Check out one from Auntie Laura - onesie that says, "Party at My Crib" and hat says, "Hi. I'm new here." HAHA!  And I LOVE LOVE the onesie that says, "Somebody in Rhode Island Loves Me". We have one blessed little chica. Thanks everyone!!

33 Week Bump Pic: 


AbbyS. said...

super cute. Hang in there.

Katie & Ryan said...

3rd trimester was by far my favorite. I, like you, did not have the best 1st and 2nd trimesters. But the third was pretty good...and I loved when people started asking me when I was due...made it all seem much more real :) Good luck and yay for baby girls!

Mandy said...

You look fabulous!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry to hear that such much has been going on. Your friend made a good point though, can you imagine dealing with all of that once the baby is here? Ek! Hope it all gets better friend!

Krista said...

You're going to love the AngelCare monitor! Peace of mind is the BEST feeling. Especially for insomniacs like us:)