Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm healthy and I know it - Part I

So. Things are about to get really personal.

This is probably going to be a long post. I'm just going to start writing and see where we go. But I need to write this out. For me.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I had a really difficult doctor's appointment? My doc basically gave me some news regarding my "health". And I'm only now ready to talk about it.

Close friends of mine who actually do read this blog have been asking me, "So WHAT did your doctor say exactly?" I figured if they want to know, the rest of the blog world is curious as well. I know I'd be.

It's funny.  My very curious friends were sure that my doc told me I haven't been gaining enough weight and/or that I'm too small. (For the record, I get this a LOT. Friends, strangers, family. Most people make comments on how small they can't believe I am...)


At the end of my 24 week appointment, my doctor literally let out a gasp and said, "So, were you planning to leave without talking to me about this weight gain?"

I just sat there. Stunned. And feeling like I was incredibly obese and harming my baby.

I had gained 6 pounds since my last appointment. This brought me to a total of a 15 lb. weight gain overall. At six months pregnant. He is a stickler on gaining no more than a pound a week.

Now. Let me give you a little background on this particular appointment and weigh in. There were a few things contributing to my "weight gain". I knew going in the scale was going to be a little inaccurate. 1). I had been retaining water that week from the heat. 2). I got weighed at 5:00 p.m. - and BELIEVE me the time of when you're weighed makes a huge difference. 3). I had been having quite the intestinal issues and hadn't (ahem) gone to the bathroom in a couple of days.

So. I knew the scale wasn't totally accurate.

Regardless. He told me I shouldn't gain another pound by my next appointment (which was at the time 4 weeks later...). I should stick to chicken and vegetables for meals and string cheese or nuts for a snack. He actually told me to lay off the fruit because of all the sugar.

I left in tears.

Not only did I feel disgusting and fat, but I was baffled.

I am probably one of the healthiest pregnant gals out there. Seriously. I eat incredibly healthy, and I work out I think I've missed a total of 5 workouts my entire pregnancy - which was when I had the flu and then a sinus infection!

I'm not kidding - when we go to the grocery store, we've had people comment on how healthy our cart is. Veggies. Fruits. Lean, organic meats. Whole grains. NO unhealthy snacks.

And I admit it. Yes, I've given into some not-so-good things too: frozen yogurt from time to time, I think I've had ONE cheeseburger, and a few nights where I binged on more than one cookie. But those times are VERY few and far between. And I'm human for goodness sakes. Oh, and not to mention PREGNANT.

After crying to the hubs and then crying to my mom (who were both FURIOUS because they know how healthy I am), I felt a little better. They made me promise that I wouldn't change my eating habits...especially not go on a diet.

And so I didn't change one thing.

And 2 days later, I was down 4 pounds.

And here I am 4 weeks later, and I'm still at that same weight. We'll get the official weigh in on Monday!

Now, I'd REALLY like to share more of my health journey from before I got pregnant - because I've become super passionate about health and fitness. And I'd also like to share a typical day in my eating habits. But I'll save that for part II.

And one more thing. My doctor isn't a bad person OR a bad doctor. I promise. In fact, he's known to be one of the top delivery doctors in my area. He is truly just a stickler on weight. Actually, after talking to some others, he's actually KNOWN as the "Weight Nazi". He's seen a lot of women become obese during pregnancy, and that can cause so many problems...especially later in life. Unfortunately with me, he wasn't looking at the whole picture.

But I am SURE I'm on the right track with my weight and health.

And because this post was so wordy...I obviously have to leave with a pic of my sweet and wonderful support system. :)


Krista said...

Good for you for NOT changing anything. I dont necessarily agree with your doc to be that much of a nazi, but i do think there needs to be self control. This post also reminds me just how insensitive people can be with their comments! People will make comments to me about how small Carson looks. I want to say to them, "Are you trying to say that my baby looks under nourished?" Drives me bonkers. You look fantastic mama! I don't think you look too small or too big or too healthy. You look just perfect:)

Leigh said...

On one hand, I am happy to hear that your doctor is interested in your weight and ensuring you are not gaining too much. But on the other hand, he should have taken more time to talk to you and figure out maybe there was a reason like you mentioned why your weight was higher than it should have been. So many women eat like it's going out of style and forget that the weight doesn't just magically disappear after having the baby.

It sounds like you are eating right and working out, so keep doing what you are doing :)

Amanda said...

Oh Ang, I agree that it's good that your doctor is concerned, but I truly believe that if you're healthy and make good choices, that your body will gain exactly as much as it needs to gain to make that little baby grow! I gained 47 pounds when I was pregnant and wanted to throw every book against the wall that recommended gaining no more than 35 pounds. I was exercising, not overindulging, and STILL gaining weight every week. Turned out to be mostly water retention, but I knew my body was doing what it needed to do. Try not to focus too much on the numbers and relax - continue to make great choices and stay active, but know that you can only control so much when a tiny human is running the show inside you!

Elizabeth said...

So my first pregnancy I gained close to 50 lbs and every time I went in I asked if I was gaining weight and he said "no, you are fine". Well, this time when I got pregnant he said it would be best if I didn't gain as much weight. I was shocked that it even mattered since he never seemed concerned the first time. I am doing a little better this time around but I think that has to do with the fact I'm chasing a 15 month old and forget to eat, which can't be good. I lost all the weight the first time within 9 months so I'm sure you will be the same way. It sounds like you are taking care of yourself so enjoy the pregnancy and if you want the McDonald's French Fries then eat them (or maybe I just tell myself that :) )

Crystal Seed said...

Girl, You look AH-Mazing!!!!!! I'd tell that Dr to go jump off a cliff! What a jerk!!! My Dr was the same way though when I was pregnant! But, for good reason I guess. I gained 50 lbs. It was tough for me, and I wasn't on any special diet, I didn't really exercise besides walking. And I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. And it took me a whole 19 months to get the weight off! So, you are rocking it! Don't change a thing!!

AbbyS. said...

Girl, at one of my appointments I had gained 7. No worries. You are doing amazing. Please feed that little peanut and know that you are doing such a great job. Keep up the good work.

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I think you look amazing!!! I am glad that you went with what YOU thought was best and didn't change anything. I know doctor's are the professionals but you are the professional on your own body! As long as your eating right and working out then I think you are on the right track! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm so glad to read that you didn't change one thing about your eating habits. He may be a great doctor but to me it sounds like he's became a little obsessed with making sure people don't become huge and missed the fact that you already eat healthy and right.