Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warning: This post contains (somewhat) graphic content

Oh what a week!

I am now celebrating this beautiful, sunny Saturday by sipping on some blueberry iced coffee and writing a tedious paper. Ugh. Oh, and did I mention I had to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to go and take my PRAXIS II exam? Double Ugh.

I am terrible at estimating how well I do on tests. I always think I failed, when in reality, I usually do very well. However, after this morning, I truly do not have a clue how well I did. Some questions were super easy...where others seemed to be asked in a foreign language. AND, I have to wait four weeks for those darn results.

Oh well.

On the somewhat graphic/grosser side of things, I dealt with my first puking incidents yesterday. Yes, I said incidents (plural).

1.) The first girl spun on this merry-go-round-thingy too much and hurled everywhere.

2). The second incident occurred because one kid "had too much meat" on his sandwich.

3). The final incident...well, the little dude got so mad, that he threw up everywhere. He then proceeded to say, "Haha - there are my peaches from lunch!"

Now, I have to say I am a Puke Patrol expert.


And to close out the week, I have realized I am dealing with a little problem.

My dog will not stop eating my underwear.

In the past month, I think she has gone through at least 10 pairs.

Sounds like an easy issue to remedy, right? Wrong.

Sienna's weird fetish began about two years ago, when we initially blamed our little dachshund, Samson. I would randomly find my underwear with a HOLE chewed right out of the crotch. I would get upset with Samson...because he has been known to eat things (like two packs of my birth control pills).

However, about a year ago, we realized that Sienna was the culprit. We caught her, under the bed, red-handed (or black-handed) with a pair of my favorite undies.

So, I made sure to always put my undies in the laundry hamper. But recently, she has found a way to find only her prized possessions and has a hay day!

This has become a very expensive habit of my sweet-looking pup. She has decided to ruin some of my FAVORITE pairs. When she's really in the mood for a special treat - she goes for my favorite Victoria's Secret "Cheekiest". Grr.

I have actually reached a point where I need to go shopping solely for undergarments...not that that's a bad thing! ;)

I tried to use the most "blog-appropriate" pair ;)


Married with Puppies said...

Have you tried the lingerie section at H&M? It's about 1/5 the price of VS, and they have some really pretty items. The quality isn't quite as good, but it's certainly more than 1/5 as good, so I think it's a bargain!

Dogs eating underwear makes me have heart palpitations -- we get SO MANY DOGS in the ER with GI obstructions from eating undies (socks are also quite popular with the canine gourmands), which often results in a very expensive surgery (several $K) and a not-great prognosis. The little holes she's eating are probably okay, but if there's a chance she might get more ambitious, I would move the hamper where she can't get to it!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh that would be annoying! Maybe you can start keeping them in a drawer where she can't get into it.

Elizabeth said...

OH my goodness. I cannot stop laughing about that picture. I have NO idea what I would do if our guy starting turning all of my undies into crotchless panties! But like you said, shopping for new pieces can be fun...on an unlimited budget!

As for the pukers, you'll be SHOCKED to know this but as a teacher you'll start being able to read your kids SO well that you'll know the "puke face"'s always mixed with a tinge of terror because they aren't quite sure what they're about to do.

Kristin @ the Waiting Game said...

Okay first of all, that pic is hilarious! Second, I'm sorry you had to deal with THREE puking incidents! That is just gross and no fun!

A said...

Mrs. Ruby, your week just got much better!

::points to blog::

You may or may not have won something ;)