Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I apologize

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week.

I have been incredibly busy...and my brain feels like mush.

I literally don't know what day it is.

Thank the good Lord it's Wednesday because my week has been a long, hectic one. The things currently jumbled up in my mind right now:
  • Working with the kiddos all day instead of half days = EXHAUSTING
  • Been dealing with Crazy off-the-wall children due to April Vacation Week
  • One of the kids stole $20.00 straight from my wallet - more bummed than mad
  • Eating way too much junk food this week - seriously gross
  • Studying hard core for my Praxis II exam THIS Saturday...terrified of how I will do
  • Trying to finish three additional major assignments before Sunday
  • Have about 7 loads of laundry waiting for me
  • The house has not been dusted or vacuumed in two weeks - sick
On the wonderfully sunny side of things - I walked in to a beautiful bouquet of flowers this evening. They were from my newly graduated husband as a thank you for the surprise party.

Made my day! And...he's taking me out to dinner (just the TWO of us) this Friday. Score for date night!!!

Hope you all are having a fantastic hump day. ;)


Courtney said...

That's so nice of him!! I hope your week gets better!!

The New Mrs said...

Your hubs is most definitely a keeper! And good luck with your Praxis 2 this weekend! I know you'll do great :)

Erin said...

Good luck with your Praxis 2! I took it in elem. ed. a year and a half ago and it's not too bad.

Sherrie said...

It sounds like you are having a rough week. I hope Friday comes soon for you!

Kristin @ the Waiting Game said...

Aw man, 20 bucks!? That IS a bummer! Good luck on your Praxis 2!!

Mrs. Bear said...

Boo sounds like a long exhausting week! Don't worry about the Praxis II - are you more nervous about a certain subject than the others? The best thing I did was spend the night before looking at different elementary school level websites and playing games to learn about the body, weather, and US History!

TimothyPeacock said...

You know, if some kid stole $20.00 from my wallet, I'd be more mad than bummed, but then I'd soon be more hungry than anything....