Monday, March 16, 2009

Three reasons I'm smiling

1). Mama got a promotion today. And by mama, I mean me.

2). One of my very best friends (whom I think about all the time and miss SO SO much) sent me this fun St. Patty's Day card:


(Thanks Whit...and don't worry. I passed out alright. Let's just say I had a VERY good time at the St. Patty's Day parade in Boston. Pics soon to come).

3). The ADORABLE Aliya over at The View from my Shoes gave me the Cutest Blogger Award. Thanks, Aliya! I'm not kidding...she has one of the most entertaining blogs ever. The rules to the award? I have to list 10 things about me that are un-cute. Easy.


1. While I'm working out: so un-cute. Unlike the majority of girls who go to the gym in little tanks and shorts, I look like a man in my baggy shorts and tee-shirts. Oh, not to mention I get as red as a strawberry.

2). After working out: VERY un-cute. Not only am I bright red, I am pretty darn sweaty. Eww.

3). When I'm hungry: haha, so not cute. I begin to act like a child when I haven't eaten in awhile. Poor Mr. Ruby has to put up with my cranky tantrums.

4). When I sleep in awkward positions: not cute. Yes, sometimes I sleep in weird positions. When I was younger, my mom would come in and I would be twisted up like a pretzel.

5). When I leave hair in the shower: that's just sick. Seriously though, the only way to get the stragglers off my hands is to place them on the shower wall. And I may or may not accidentally forget to clean them off from time to time. Sorry babe!

6). When I throw pity parties: stupidly uncute. I'm a girl...what do you expect? Every once in awhile (I hate to admit it) I just need a really good pity party. Sometimes I just need everyone to feel sorry for me!

7). When I'm venting about work/Rhode Island drivers/homesickness/fill-in-the-blank: uncute, but so necessary.

8). When I'm just lounging around the house: simply not cute. The moment I get home from work, I get out of my work clothes and into my sweats.

9). When I'm in one of my infamous "dazes": not cute. I get complaints about this...a lot. I can't help it. Sometimes I enter daze-land and don't hear what anyone around me is saying.

10). My clumsiness - the uncutest thing about me. If there is something near me, I will run into it. If there are stairs, I will fall down/up them. I've broken my arm, foot, toes, fingers and nose. I've had a rock in my chin and an antennae in my eye. I've been in an ambulance twice and admitted to the hospital multiple times. As we speak, I can count 4 large purple bruises.


Rachel said...

Congrats on the promotion!

little erin said...

congrats on your promotion! you've been working hard lately and you deserve it!!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Congrats to you! You deserve it! And my friend Cassie sent me that card & I thought to myself, "haha, but wait...that's a really great idea!" Have a great St. P's day tomorrow!

PinkSass said...

How exciting! Congrats on the promotion!!!!

Jules said...

Congratulations on the promotion! That is so wonderful. I loved your answers on the cutie award and am so with you on #2, #6 & #8!

Lucky in Love said...

Yeah for you and your promotion!! You're just fabulous!!

Great list...congrats on your award!

Brittney Galloway said...

Congratulations on your promotion! Also, I get the same way without food. Majorly grumpy.. Majorly whiney. Majorly uncute!

My name is Megan... said...

congrats on the award AND the promotion!!!!!!

Being Brazen said...

CONGRATS on your promotion!!! *hugs*

kendrasue said...

Congrats on the promotion! From the sounds of it you have been working hard and deserve it!

Lindsey said...

YAYA Congrats on the promotion!!

Kyla said...

Congrats on the promotion!!

And I'm the same way when I get hungry... WATCH OUT :)

Meagan said...

#5.....totally me. Un-cute..end of story! lol.

Enjoy reading your blog!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear about all your St. Patty's Day fun!

Playful Professional said...

I'm the frumpy girl at the gym too... no cute tank tops for me. Holey t-shirts and basketball shorts.