Saturday, March 21, 2009

My new toy is finally here!

My new MACBOOK arrived a couple days ago:


Isn't she a beauty?

So now, Mr. Ruby and I have matching 13' aluminum Macbooks.

I don't know who is more or him. (I mean, I don't think you understand how much technology and computers really rile him up). 

However, I must admit. Receiving my new toy was a bit anti-climatic.

How could a new Macbook be anti-climatic?

Well because for months I had been saving ALL this money  to give Mr. Ruby the surprise of his life by presenting him with the new Macbook for Christmas last year. I mean those things sure do cost a lot. Well, I realized that spending such a ridiculous amount saving all that money was totally WORTH the look on his face. It was so priceless and I think he was as happy as he was on our wedding day.

Well now, after using his so frequently, I decided I needed one.

Needless to say - I love it!

Now the real question: For those of you Mac-users out there, is there a special Mac blogger program you use to type your posts? I MUST know!


Practically Perfect... said...

Congrats on the new computer :-) I can totally understand about spending ridiculous amounts of money on a husband's Christmas present!

Lindsey said...


Gretchen and Jimmy said...

Ooooo I'm sooo jealous!!! I want a new computer oh so bad :)

Amber said...

LOL. I love how excited you said he gets about electronics. So cute.

The New Mrs said...

Oh men and their electronics. Congrats on the computer :)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I LOVE MY MAC. It means to much to me. In fact, she is right here helping me post this comment! What a sweetie! I just use the same ol' blogger that you probably use now, the best part being all my photos I upload because you now have iPhoto to play with! It's the best, most organized photo program ever! Have fun with it!

jane in the waiting line said...

i just use blogger too, but if there is something else better out there, let us know bloggers!

Sherry said...

macbook is very expensive here. good to know you gonna get it.

My name is Megan... said...

I LOVE my mac!!! YAY! congrats :)

Ashley said...

I'm a Mac lover and I never want to go back!! Don't know of any special blogging programs but if you find something let us know!!!