Monday, March 23, 2009

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

I've always been a target for all things unlucky, odd, and just plain random. 

You know those people where something happens to them and you say "That would only happen to (insert name here)". 

Well, I'm (insert name here). 

Although not extraordinary, I did experience 3 random happenings this past weekend:

1). I walked into our house after a night out to dinner with friends and found one of my winter gloves soaking in the middle of our dogs' water bowl. This may not seem that odd...however, my gloves were zipped away in my purse...which was on the kitchen table. Quite freaky if you ask me.

2). I was at the mall walking around aimlessly and completely in a daze (nothing new there). However, my daze was suddenly interrupted as something began to rapidly fall from above. I looked closely and it couldn't be...I focused my eyes. Yep. It was money. I'm not lying! I looked up and sure enough, dollar bills kept falling from above. I just kind of stood there shocked as two little kids greedily started filling their pockets. 

Another girl who witnessed this whole thing looked over at me, shrugged, and went into Victoria's Secret. 

3). I was on a major highway (again minding my own business) when I saw something in the distance. At first it wasn't that odd. It was just a random car on the side of the highway. I mean, I see those every day. Well, as I got closer I realized it was a HEARSE. There was no driver, no passenger and no one else in sight. Just an abandoned hearse on the side of the highway. 

At least things are always interesting around here. 


Lucky in Love said...

Whoa! All of those things are really weird! Where the heck was that money coming from?? :)

little erin said...

was it a white hearse? on the new bridge? cause if so its been there a while and i've been wondering about it!

Being Brazen said...

cool - at least life is never dull for you ;)

LauraAnn said...

Yeah, those three things you described are a little out of the norm. The money falling is nice but you still wonder where did it come from?!? And I would definitely be scratching my head over the glove in the water bowl! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

haha. very odd for sure! Must be pretty entertaining though.

New Girl on Post said...

Ok...that's just plain weird...yet cool at the same time!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Those are some crazy things!!

Practically Perfect... said...

Those are pretty odd!