Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween with TWO

Most bloggers are already posting their favorite holiday recipes and gift wishlists. I only dream to be that disciplined.

I've still got pumpkins on my front porch, all of which will probably stay there until Thanksgiving, and I'm doing a terrible job with restraint as Lyla's kitty-cat trick-or-treat bucket taunts me every hour with all the candy goodness that I won't allow her to have. I justify my lack of will-power on what I like to call the "nursing diet"- one of the perks of breastfeeding, for sure.

Oh. And my two year old is still sporting her one-size-too-small pumpkin jammies most nights while I'm still sporting a pumpkin latte in my hands at any given moment.

And Christmas music will wait to be played until the day after Thanksgiving. And not a day earlier.

Wearing big sister's outfit from two Halloweens ago. And so happy about it. 

This year's Halloween was extra special...and extra last-minute. I was so incredibly exhausted at the end of my pregnancy and was feeling a bit like a walrus scooting about everywhere I went, so I just wasn't up to the task of being super mom. I have so loved making Lyla's costumes the past two years, but it just wasn't happening this year. We even skipped our traditional patch outing with our friends and went a bit more low key instead because everything hinged on when our baby arrived.

And to be honest, I was getting to the point where I wasn't even sure if the baby would be here by the time Halloween rolled around. So I let that taste of bitter simmer around for a bit and decided to not go all out and make costumes for my one or possibly two littles.

Bah Humbug.

Luckily, our sweet babe#2 arrived the day after Gabe's birthday, and I suddenly had the urge {and energy} to make all kinds of Halloween memories.

And I miraculously managed to remember, just in the knick of time, to have a pumpkin painting party for Lyla's sake. Unfortunately, while we were at the patch this year, I forgot to get pumpkins for Gabe and I...and our unborn baby. So Gabe took Ly up the street to a local church where they picked out the perfect pumpkins for our little family pumpkin party. That we held an hour before it got dark...the night before Halloween.

Lyla took her job very seriously.

 Pumpkin painting with Grams

Wanting to show the world "Baby Adaline's pumpkin" 

 Proudly showing off her "pretty pumpkin"

That moment. When Gabe realized he is now outnumbered in a house full of girls. 

Once Adaline was actually here, I suddenly cared about a fabulously-adorable Halloween costume. In conjunction with her big sister of course.

Before she arrived, when I was sure we were having a boy, I mustered up enough energy to come up with the idea of a K-State cheerleader for Lyla {because I conveniently bought an outfit for $7.00 at a consignment sale} and a football for our little man. Perfect. It would be easy and cheap - Both necessities in my book right after having a baby.

Well, he turned out to be a she, and I just couldn't let her be a football for Halloween. It didn't jive well in my soul. So I decided on Willie the Wildcat and feverishly reached out to multiple Etsy vendors pleading that I was desperate and needed little cat ears by Halloween for my brand new without-a-costume baby. I couldn't find anyone who was willing {or able} to crochet some ears and mail them out in 5 days. Until I reached out to this gal, who took pity on me, and whipped up an adorable little beanie that I received the day before Halloween. Phew!

And all was well in the world.

 Our very own little Willie!

Why yes. I drew whiskers on my 8 day old. It's called being festive, people.  

Big Sis approved!

And then, of course, we had our little KSU cheerleader. Who was absolutely terrified to put the little wildcat sticker on her cheek. It took so much bribery to get that sticker on. And it lasted for a good 45 seconds. 

You win some. You lose some. 

But oh my goodness, we have grown leaps and bounds in comparison to last year's trick-or-treating experience. You see, Lyla is a sensitive soul, and is definitely a kiddo who needs to warm up to new situations. So you can imagine how difficult it might be on a night where people dress up in scary costumes, and you're expected to go up to total strangers and their stranger homes and talk to them in exchange for some candy. 

Needless to say, she was kind of a train wreck last year. With so many tears. 

This year, we were prepared to do a lot of cajoling and comforting. But she shocked the socks off us. Lyla was totally in her element. She laughed, cheered, and clapped during picture-taking time {I'm sorry, what?}, had no problem sharing her wagon with a friend, and was the first one out at each house to say trick-or-treat. I kept thinking, no seriously, where is my child? While Gabe walked around with his adult beverage treat of his own saying I'm just so happy my kid isn't crying in between sips. 

Look! That's my kid! SMILING and even CLAPPING for the camera!!! 

I'm not sure we've ever seen her have that much fun. Ever. 

And even though it was 40 degrees, we still took out our little 8 day old nugget. Don't worry, she was nice and cozy in the Moby. 

And the fun continued into way-way-way-past bedtime hours with obscene amounts of candy. Every time I looked over, Lyla seemed to have sugar in some form or another in her hands. 

Whatever. It's one night a year. 

And I felt bad. Because we did have one "incident" that evening. Our friend dresses up like a gorilla every year, and the boys sit out on the porch scaring all the kids while they come up to grab their treats. I agree, horribly mean. Well, gorilla needed a bathroom break, and Lyla took one glimpse and was a hysterical mess. She screamed and sobbed "Gorilla? GOOORIIILLAAAAA. Mr. Andrew a GORILLA" for a good 15 minutes. 

It's been almost a week, and she still wakes up in the night and from every nap asking if the gorilla went bye bye or if the gorilla is sleeping. 


But all in all. Another Halloween for the books. LOVE our tradition with our ever-growing trick or treat pack!


Carolyn said...

OK. So cute! :) I love her little cheerleader outfit, and those kitty ears are precious! Good job mommy!

Leigh said...

How cute did both of your girls look?! And love how your pumpkins turned out too :)

Shoshanah said...

Both girls look absolutely adorable in their costumes! I was actually an October baby and growing up used to give my mom a hard time that she didn't dress me up for my first Halloween. Silly I know, but I'm happy to see you managed to pull it off!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I was amazed at how fast my energy popped back after giving birth. I remember feeling like I'd never be productive again, and it was right back. Not that I really did much but attempt to sleep.
oh no the gorilla! So sad, so funny. Poor Lyla. But, that is awesome she was so into the rest!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I totally love the little knit cap! So cute!