Monday, November 3, 2014

The BIG Meeting

So here we are.
Ten days into this family of four thing.
And just like the first time around with the whole parent gig, I had no idea how much love was humanly possibly. The type of love that comes from somewhere so deep in your heart that you don't even have the words to explain it.

All I know is that spending so much quality time together as a family, the kind where we only leave the house for a quick grocery run or doctor's appointment, completes my heart and soul. And that I'm walking around like a school girl in love for the first time. It's quite pathetic really.

There, of course, have been moments of adjusting. Where I've thought to myself nearly every 30 minutes, Oh my goodness, how in the world will I do this solo when Gabe goes back to work? Times where Lyla has needed some extra cuddles, attention, and something "special". Which, by the way, works like a charm. I tell her to sit in the "special chair" or put on her "special slippers". And the fact that I'm distracted with Adaline seems to not matter quite as much because she gets to do something...special. And our visitors have been wonderful as they haven't forgotten Big Sis Lyla when bringing a little something for the new baby.

Thanks to our friends for thinking of Big Sis when gifting the new baby!

All around, this big change for our family has been leaps and bounds easier than I was anticipating. And in a most positive way, Lyla's adjustment has been most surprising. Aside from her typical toddler moments, she has just taken this whole new baby situation in stride. She adores her baby sister and even seems to understand when my hands are tied and can't help her with something. {But again, check back with me once Gabe has gone back to work. I may have sprouted a few gray hairs at that point.}

Right after Adaline was born, we spent time getting to know Miss A better in those first few hours. Those precious, intimate hours that, as a mother, I will mentally go back to over and over again for the rest of my life. There is something about meeting a perfect stranger - one that you carried for nine months.

But once we'd had our fill of time as mom, dad, and new baby, all I could think about was getting our other baby to the hospital to join us! I missed her so much and was ready to have our entire family together for the first time.

But in the same breath, I'd broken myself out of the newborn trance and felt a bit nervous about introducing our new pair of sisters. What if Lyla hated her new sister? Or even worse, what if she felt replaced? The thought of her feeling sad twisted my insides.

In fact, I felt so nervous, I had the desperate urge to get out of bed and just move around. To get dressed in normal clothes. To take my mind off the nerves. Unfortunately, my left leg was still completely numb from the epidural. I had to lift it with my arms and couldn't put my entire weight on it yet. But I was determined to shower before Lyla joined us at the hospital. So, I stubbornly told everyone I "pretty much" had all the feeling in my leg and ignored their commands for me to stay in bed until I gained full feeling. Didn't they know I was about to experience a first meeting with my two littles?

I refused to have labor and delivery hair.

So after a huge THUD in the shower, and Gabe running in to find me flat on the hard tile floor, there was no hiding the fact that I fell. So, they slapped a HIGH RISK bracelet on my arm and labeled my room with a big red star that indicated I was a "faller". Ugh. I just wanted to be presentable for my children. {Holy cow. As in plural: children.}

We got the call from my parents telling us that they had arrived at the hospital with Big Sister. And I truly felt like I was going on a blind date. The plan was for Gabe to go outside the room, hold and love on Ly, then bring her in to meet the new baby who was in the little hospital crib. At first, Ly wasn't too sure. Why is mom in a a bed? Why is there a random baby? Why is everyone I love in the same room staring at me? 

But it only took a matter of minutes before she fell hard for her new little sister.

And to continue with the theme of making Lyla feel special, we gave her her very own baby to love on and feed and take care of.

But she was way more interested in the real deal. And she made sure to point out every single little body part of Adaline's: "little nose", "little ears", "little hair"...

These memorable moments were so incredibly beautiful to us. I, for one, always wanted a sister. So to see the connection and bond that was made instantly upon their first meeting made my heart explode. And Gabe? Well, let's just say he is the perfect dad for girls. And his girls have made me see a side of him I didn't know existed. He's a puddle of mush.

After the big meeting, we were so very ready and excited for some rest.

Case in point:

Yes. Labor takes it out of the dads too. 

Unfortunately, the hospital is not the place for rest. The one place where people need rest the most and are unable to get it. Ironic, huh? Staff members in and out of your room all.night.long. and then all the next morning too. I think I counted 10 or 11 different hospital staff coming in and out, disturbing our sleep, turning on the lights, poking and taking stats on the baby, taking my breakfast order, taking my blood {at 3 am!!!}, asking if I'd gone to the bathroom, checking my blood pressure, asking if we wanted newborn photography, showing us how to set up an online health account, blah, blah, blah. I can't explain the rage I felt and wanted to scream,  Can't you see we're all trying to sleep?!?!

I just don't remember that the first time around after having Lyla. Maybe it's because I was awake the entire night paranoid that she was going to stop breathing.

This time around, I just wanted rest.

Luckily, we only had to stay in the hospital one night. While waiting to be discharged, we made the most of our morning by staring at our new baby, stealing so many cuddles, and reminiscing and comparing Lyla and Adaline's births.

Why yes. I did in fact just give birth and go the past 48 hours without sleep.  

But finally, it was time to go HOME. Home with our new baby and home to see our older baby.

Going home never felt so sweet! And was so sweet watching the sisterly bond form. Lyla loves being a big sister and she is so in awe of her Baby Adaline.

And we are too.

With both of our girls.


That has such a nice ring to it.


Carolyn said...

OMG! The first meeting photos. DYING. So sweet!!! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

She is adorable! She looked very excited to meet her!

Kristin said...

And sobbing AGAIN. You are almost making me think I'm ready for this....almost!