Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 44: Movin and Groovin

Week 44: 06/17/13 - 06/23/13

We've been quite the busy duo this past week.

Lots of errand running.
Planning. *Someone has a big birthday coming up soon.*

You know.
The good things in life. 

And you've been moving and shaking.
Dancing *to the beat I might add* to music.
Waving your hands in the air. 
And moving all over the house. 
I mean, I turn my back for one minute *literally*. 
And you're across the room. 

Now tell me something.
How does a 10 month old who doesn't yet crawl move from place to place?

By bending.
And crawling backwards.

That's how. 

I've had to rescue you a time or two. 
From evil chairs who capture you. 
Because you haven't quite figured out how to get unstuck.

Silly Beans. 

And it's been Fuss-Central-Station around here.
If this top left tooth doesn't make its debut soon, 
I'm going to have to go in there and break it through myself. 

And we're still dealing with stranger anxiety. 
But it's so hit or miss. 
Sometimes you sing and laugh with people you've never met.
Other times, you burst into tears if someone you see fairly often bends down to say hello. 

One thing's for certain.
You're terrified of other babies. 
They're too unpredictable for you, I guess. 
You aren't a huge fan of getting pushed or having your hair pulled. 

You do, however, love your toddler friends.
Like your sweet friend, Breckyn.
You light up when you see her. 
It's really because she's the older version of you. 
Gentle. Quiet. Sweet. 

Needless to say. 
We're working on thickening our skin. 
Because there are going to be many pushes and pulls. 
And lots of head bumps ahead. 

This baby stuff is tough.
But so much fun. 
And, I sure don't mind being needed.
And I especially don't mind hearing that sweet little voice.
"Mama" has the best ring to it. 

Heart. Burst. 
Loving every second with you!


Morgan said...

Hi Ang! Not sure if you remember me, but I was on your Rush floor, many years ago. :-) I found your blog through another friend's, and I have loved reading through it! Your daughter is so beautiful, and I am so happy you have such a wonderful family and lovely life.
XO, Morgan

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those tiny jelly shoes are SO cute!