Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 41: Chillin and Grillin

Week 41: 05/26/13 - 06/02/13

Summer is officially in full force. 
And Kansas has actually given us a break in the weather department.

So Dad and I have been enjoying hanging out on the deck every night.
Just to chat.
And marvel over his hard work in the yard. 

Of course we love having you right there with us. 
So we got your your own bebe-size adirondack chair. 
The "It" chair of the season.Sum
Nice little $5.00 score at Wal-Mart.
You love that thing.

One of my favorite things about having a tot is reliving all the fun childhood things.
And summertime creates those quintessential childhood memories.

We've already been stocking up on our own personal summer memories. 
Picnics with the pups.
Cookouts with besties (baby besties too).
Zoo trips.
Morning walks.
Dining al fresco.
Trips to the cute new creamery.

It makes me so happy I could nearly burst. 

In other Chunkin news.
You're still not crawling. 
You do twirl around in a circle.
Rock your hips.
Roll from place to place.
And scoot backwards.
You just don't crawl.
You can't quite figure out how to get those chunky little legs up under you. 

I like to think that you're not so into the whole gross motor skill thing.
Because you're perfecting your fine motor skills. 

It's so cute. 
We laugh because you can have several fun, bright, noise-making toys in front of you.
But you are simply not interested.
You will lurch forward to pick up the tiniest speck of lint. 
And intently examine it.
Moving it from one hand to the next with your fingers. 
Or you will have a blanket with soft fabric tufts all over it.
You won't grab the tufts.
But the single strand of hair in between the tufts.
You even spotted a minuscule ant crawling at GiGi's yesterday.

I have no idea how you even see these things.
Let alone pick them up.

And sometimes I think you can do more than you're letting on. 
GiGi says you're probably just not a performer. 
If I secretly spy on you, I see you moving all over the place in your crib.
But if I'm in there, you just lay there. 
And bat your eyelashes at me.
And act like you don't know how to move.
Smart little booger. 

But you do love to dance. 
And to sing.
You really like anything music-related.
But the dancing is just so cute.
Grams laughs so hard, I think she's going to burst a lung.
You bounce up and down on your legs.
And flail your arms all around.
It's quite cute. 

And you are really jabbering these days.
Making lots of "ba-ba-ba" sounds.
And still saying "ma-ma-ma".

And we're having so much fun with food.
I like to give you bites of things from my plate.
The only thing you really haven't liked is watermelon.
But you love hummus.
And grilled cheese.
And bananas.

You may be a reserved behind-the-scences goofball like your dad.
But possibly a foodie dancer who loves to talk?

Oh, the possibilities!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Amanda said...

She looks JUST like you. It's incredible. I'm going to have to get one of those tiny chairs ;).

2nd in command said...

She is so darling, and you are such a glorious mother. Love to see how happy you all are:)

Vanessa said...

You better believe we just jumped on the $5 chair bandwagon while grocery shopping :) Thanks for the tip! And Lyla…you. are. darling.

Millie - Online PhD UK Funding said...

The picture of your girl is so cute! You found an awesome summer chair for $5, I am jealous. I love you little poem/story to your child, it is so sweet. The pictures of your daughter are precious thank you for sharing.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you guys are enjoying the summer!

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