Monday, June 17, 2013

No Seven Year Itch Here.

Seven Years.

Mostly blissful.

And real.
With plenty of chaos.
Scary life decisions.
And heated arguments discussions.

Seven years ago, we were babies.
Getting ourselves hitched.
And now, we have a baby.
Crazy, I tell you.

There are so many directions I can go with this post.
The sweestsie I-love-my-honey-cutie-boo-boo route.
Or the let's-take-a-walk-down-memory-lane route.

So I decided to combine the two ideas.
Because I do have seven years worth of blackmail memories.

Happy Anniversary to My Love.
Here are just some of the many reasons I love you.
And our marriage.
*A lot.*

1). You love adventure. 
I need you in my life.
Because I am a nervous nellie.
And you are fearless.
A risk-taker.
With you, my life is a whole lot more exciting.

2). You like to bust a move. 
You never really shook your groove thing until about year 3 of marriage.
This is when you came out of your social shell.
And I must say.
You've got some pretty mad skillzzz.
You are usually the last one to leave the dance floor at most weddings.

3). Ordinary is not in your vocabulary. 
I love that you love unique.
Even when it completely goes against the grain.
Even when your wife tells you you are completely uncool.
You just don't care.
Going barefoot all.the.time. (And now Five Finger shoes. Ugh.)
Eating at local places, not chains. 
Enjoying French press coffee instead of Keurig. 
Forgoing steak dinners for a picnic at the park. 

4). You work hard
Whether it's demolishing a bathroom in our 3 day old house.
Or driving across the country for 24 hours straight while I sleep or read a book in the passenger seat.
Or packing my lunch, washing bottles, and helping me grade papers.
You work hard.
And are a solid provider for our family.

5). Working hard means sleeping hard. 
Having a new baby is especially exhausting.
This includes the fur-baby kind as well.
Giving birth just takes it out of you, huh babe?

6). We make one pretty awesome team. 
You and me.
Me and you.
Can't imagine it any other way.

7). Your new role makes me love you even more. 
You are a dad.
This time last year, we had no idea what was about to hit us.
*We may actually win the award for most clueless.*
But you have made the transition into your new role quite effortlessly.
You make parenting FUN!
Lyla is so lucky to have you.
And so am I.

Happy Seven Years, Babe.
No seven year itch here.


Mommy Mandy said...

Happy anniversary!!! Also, my husb has the same USMC tattoo!

McGriddle Pants said...

I'm pretty sure that pic with Gabe and the Corona-rita and Miss Beans is the best ever.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Ashley R said...

What a precious post and great husband you've got. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Anniversary!!!