Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 22: Mama's Back

Week 22: 01/13/13 - 01/19/13

Two months.

That's how long it's been.

Since I left my babe.
Went back to work.
Entered a warzone of a classroom.
Began the journey of being a working mom.
Learned to balance 8,000 things at once.

And that's precisely how long it's taken me to process my new normal.
To figure out just exactly how to manage it all.
Grade papers.
Plan lessons.
Keep up with laundry.

All while my immune system took a major nosedive.
*More like completely shut down.*
All while trying to figure out what was wrong with our usually-happy-but-suddenly-screaming-a-lot-and-totally-miserable baby.

But last week was different.
I woke up on Monday and didn't feel empty.
or nervous.
or scatterbrained.
or depressed.
or stressed.
or sick.

I actually felt normal.
Truly...happy again. 

It's amazing how wonderful one can feel.
With a full night's sleep.
Without being sick.
Without having a sick child.
Without a clogged duct. (Although I managed to get one this week. Argh.)

It was also the first week where I actually enjoyed my job again.
And remembered why I entered the education profession.
And where I didn't feel incredibly socially awkward.

Some would say I got my groove back.

Two long months.
That seemed like an eternity.
But looking forward to moving forward.

Another added bonus last week?

Chunkin decided to love cuddling again.
She has been quite the snuggle-bear.
Something that hasn't occurred since she was a newborn.
After nursing in the mornings, she puts her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder.
Best moments of the day.
By far.

So thank you, Week 22.
Cheers to being normal again.


sara with an h said...

i love the first picture!! (well,all of them really!) congrats on feeling back on track :)

Duchess said...

I Pink Puffy Heart LOVE the picture of Chunkin and Daddy at the computer. They have the same expression!! SWOON:-0

Carolyn said...

YAY!! :) So glad that you're feeling good again! And that pic of you and that adorable baby... OMG. Dying. Love it! HAHA

Gina's Blog said...

She is SOOOO CUTE..can't get over those little legs :) Glad you are feeling better too!

Kendra said...

Glad that you got your groove back! I know that it can be a major change going back to work and having a new baby that is sick all the time. So here's to week 22!

Aliya said...

She is such a DOLL!!! And I'm so glad you're "you" again... You're an inspiration.

Katie said...

Gah she is such a doll!!! Glad you got your groove back!! :)