Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 20: Back to the Grind

Week 20: 12/30/12 - 01/05/13

Mama headed back to work after an incredible 2 weeks off.

Of course I am sick *again* only four days into the semester.
Being a teacher is either going to give me an immune system of steel or kill me.

Week 20 brought some fun new things.

A new squeal, for example.
This new squeal is 8 kinds of octaves too high. Girlfriend is going to be a soprano. (The singer, not the mobster).

And you like to bite.
Everything in sight.
Sometimes you even do a sneak attack and grab my fingers for a little snack.

And you do this adorable thing where I get really close to your face so I can hear and mimic your cute little breaths, and then you just erupt into laughter.

Then the other day, I came home from work. I was greeted by your dad *because he's back on a normal-human-being schedule*, and I quickly scanned the room to find you. I spotted this teeny little body sitting, being engulfed by our living room chair. You must have heard me come in because you completely turned your body, made eye contact with me, and gave the biggest smile I've ever seen. Over and over again.
Talk about melting mama's heart.

Oh. And we've gotten some good use out of the new toys and outfits that Santa brought you.

You've gotten to model some handmade things, and you even sported your new snowsuit.

But you are especially obsessed with your new ball. This little gem was an after-Christmas-sale special at Target for $4.00.

Entertainment for hours.

But your most favorite of all? That silly little thumb of yours.

I mean seriously.


And can we just stop and talk a second about your sleep habits? 

I can't even believe it. 
Your sleep habits definitely deserve a solo post all to themselves. 
But girl, you sleep so well.

As of the last month and a half, you have consistently slept 12 hours at night and 13 hours on the weekends. 
And you usually take two 2-hour naps during the day. 
We've come so far. 
And though I get sad sometimes that you party-poop out at 6:30 at night...every night...it's quite the even trade-off for a good night's sleep. Consistently. 
Thank you, Chunkin.
Gonna soak it up while it lasts.

Now, although we've had some *fun* this week, we've also been dealing with your "reflux". Which we've come to find out isn't reflux at all. But something that is causing you extreme pain and making you quite miserable. We are currently in the process of an every-day-for-two-weeks treatment by a chiropractor. 

Praying this works. 
A much more detailed post is soon to come.
Hopefully with a happy ending. 


Carolyn R said...

She is SO CUTE! Seriously. Love all the pictures. (I know I say this every time, but it's true!!)

Kendra said...

Seriously all the pictures of her never get old. She is so darn cute! And that sucks about the non-reflux issue. I hope it works out with the chiropractor.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so great, Angela! I need to learn how to use a good camera.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

She is SOOO stinkin cute! I always love her little outfits!

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