Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five Months

Five Months: 01/19/13


How has it been five months?

I love you so much. And this is an incredibly fun age.

I enjoyed this month. Even though it has been one of the most difficult. 

Being a teacher has caused mom to get sick over and over again.
And I gave you your first little cold.
But you toughed it out like a champ.

And your "reflux" came back in full swing. 
So bad that we decided to take matters into our own hands.
Got two full weeks of chiropractic treatments. 
And took you off your medicine. 
Cold turkey.
You're a new baby.
*Update soon*

Milestones this month:

Still not rolling over. At all. In fact, you don't seem the slight bit interested. Or motivated.  The pediatrician has attributed it to the fact that you've had major tummy issues. Now that we've got those fixed, you actually tolerate being on your tummy. You just don't remember how to roll. And don't really seem eager to.  

Sitting. You are so incredibly close to sitting up by yourself. You've done it a few times for GiGi and me, but you quickly lean back against something. You even pulled yourself up with GiGi - with no help! Only a matter of time. And you sure love to sit. It's your favorite position by far.

Standing. Although a wee wobbly at times, you sure love to stand with our help. In fact, we've realized that will get you to stop fussing every single time you're upset. You to stand. Strong little babe.

Motor Skills. You pick everything up to put it in our mouth. Your ball. Blankets. Toys. Sophie the Giraffe. Your pacifier. But your most favorite is still my hair. Ouch!

Engagement. You love to play, talk, and giggle. Although I'd say you're a fairly quiet and pretty laid back baby - totally take after dad in that department. You still really like to smile at others, but you definitely prefer mom, dad, and grandparents. You have finally reached the point where you get excited when I pick you up. Love. You're even starting to reach out a little to be held. 

You are not a fan of:

Reflux medicine. Thank goodness we finally took you off of it. 2 weeks, 1 day, and counting. 
Tummy aches. Again, pretty sure we've got this resolved. PTL.
Going more than 1 day without pooing. Holy moly. We have one cranky baby on our hands when those bowels aren't-a-movin. 

And that's pretty much the extent of things you don't like. 

Your loves: 

That thumb. Your most favorite love of all.
Mornings with mom. We *finally* have our little routine down. Nurse. Playtime. Mom sings and talks to you while she pumps. And sometimes we even have enough time for a story before I leave for work.
Happy Seat. At GiGi's and at home. You love to show off your standing skills and play with all the little toys. Insta-happiness.
Your dad. I swear your world stops when he walks into the room.   
Putting everything in your mouth. Especially your pink ball and Sophie the Giraffe. I love hearing little squishy sucking sounds when you chew on Sophie.
Grabbing mom's fingers to suck on. You loooove sneakily finding my fingers to put in your mouth.
Sitting in your highchair. We haven't started feeding you solids yet. But you sure love sitting at the table during meals. You feel like such a big girl. 

Now that we've fixed your broken tummy, things are already so much better. Here's to month 6!


Emily said...

How adorable, that hat is SO cute! I hope you get her tummy issues figured out..sounds like you're on the way! :)

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

She is seriously so adorable!! Love the hat too!

Katie said...

She is so beautiful!!! Love your updates on her! :)

Carolyn said...

OK. I know I say this EVERY month... but these pics... so stinking cute. Seriously. ADORABLE.