Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 15: Oh What Fun

Week 15: 11/25/12 - 12/1/12

Oh, Lyla Beans.
Who knew you could be so much fun?

You're like a little person.

Grabbing things.
Laughing at our jokes.
Squealing with delight.
Concentrating on your work. (Which currently involves holding and studying a dangling elephant).
Watching every move we make.
Making carpet snowangels every time you get excited.
Thumping your legs so hard, we feel you might break one.

You even started hanging in your Bumbo this week.
Which you love.
Because you feel like such an adult.

Oh. And you started balding this week.
You've got a giant circular line of no hair from where you rub your head.
Don't worry.
Mommy is practically balding too.
My "thick" pregnancy hair was fun while it lasted.

And can we talk about sleep?

I was all excited to discuss how you finally started sleeping through the night.
You were (key word: were) sleeping from 7:30 at night until I had to go in and wake you at 6:30.
For an entire week.
Words cannot describe what a happy mama I was.
I actually felt rested.
(My boobs, however, had a different opinion on your sleeping through the night.)

Then, Mom and Dad realized we needed a night out, and you decided to wake up a few times at night. Now, you're back to waking at 4:30 a.m. for a quick feed and back down until 6:30. It doesn't help that this week, Mom is sick. Very sick. But we'll focus on the positives for now.

We're having so much fun with you. And it makes my heart happy because you're so bubbly for that hour and a half we have together at home in the evenings.
You better believe I savor every last second.

And guess what?
Dad starts working a *somewhat* normal schedule in January.
We're going to have evenings and weekends together.
We just love our family time.
And it's not family time without dad.

Love you, Chunkity-Chunk.

P.S. You love your hands more than anything in the whole-wide world.


Brittany said...

Ugh, isn't it crazy how just one thing changes (like mom & dad having a night out) and they seem to change their sleeping? Charlie does the same thing!!!

Hope you are feeling better - I'm starting to get sick too. No fun at all.

Also - love that you said your boobs didn't like her sleeping through the night. Mine feel the same way!

Crystal Seed said...

15 Weeks?! Are you kidding me??!?! I cannot believe that! She's just so pretty! I can't get enough!

Katie said...

I just can't get enough of her cuteness, gah!! :)