Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week-12-In-Review: Week of Progress

Week 12: 11/04/12 - 11/10/12

Our last week was the perfect week. 

It's just cruel I had to go back to work right when things were getting so routine.
So perfect.

You've made so much progress in every area. 
Tummy timing.

I swear you grew up overnight. 
It's like I woke up, and you were no longer a newborn. 
You're such a big girl. 

And so incredibly happy
Which makes me so happy. 

I'm one proud mama. You've made so much progress, sweet Chunkin. 

You are actually sleeping. I can't believe how much progress we've made in this area. You are only waking once a night. Some may think that's one time too many, but I consider it a huge victory. Plus, I don't mind our time together. So precious. And you've started actually napping. All this sleep makes you one happy baby. You rarely fuss now. All that hard work of trying to get you on a schedule has paid off. I'm still pinching myself. We've come so far!

You're a champion nurser. Ok. So we all know you've been quite the eater from the beginning. I mean, you had to live up to your nickname, right? But, I realized the other day that nursing no longer hurts. And you find yourself perfectly positioned. It's like you finally really got the hang of it. I'm not even sure when that happened. Feeding you is all of a suddenly incredibly easier. 

You keep getting stronger. Living up to your second nickname of Popeye. I mentioned before. You rolled for the first time at three and half weeks. Then made me nervous when you suddenly stopped a few weeks ago. But you're rolling again and practically doing a backbend on the Boppy. You actually love tummy time. And I try to make it more fun with your stuffed animals. 

You love to play. I mean, you practically beg me to play. You particularly like when I sing the ABC's while pumping your legs, make silly faces, put you in front of the mirror, play "This Little Piggy", tickle you, read nursery rhymes, give you your rattle, and make your stuffed animals dance. Your entire body wiggles around and you just light up with smiles...and so many giggles. Gives me butterflies. 

You are so social. You smile all.the.time. You love people. And you really enjoy getting out. I was especially happy you were able to let Mommy and Daddy get out and hang with friends for the K-State game on Saturday. For the first time, we put you in your pack-n-play to go to bed at our friends'. You went right to sleep and when we got home, you slept the rest of the night. Good job!

What a fabulous week. My most favorite yet. :)


Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Such a happy baby!! What a big beautiful smile like her mama too! Wishing you a great weekend and Happy (early) Thanksgiving, Ang!

Katie said...

She is such a happy little baby!! And of course she is so beautiful!! :)