Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week-10-In-Review: Celebrations

Week 10: 10/21/12 - 10/27/12

It was the week of celebrations.

Daddy and Samson's birthdays.
Meet-the-Baby party - (one guess as to who the special baby was).
KSU's big win against Texas Tech...making us #2.

And you handled it all like a champ.

Even when we had to mess up your schedule.

Which is not Mommy's favorite thing to do.  

Especially because we're really starting to get this sleep thing down. You *usually* only wake up once a night...sometimes twice. And maybe a sprinkle of a "bad" night thrown in there every now and then. 

And you're just so happy

So. I was a little nervous about all we had going on this week. 

But it only took you a couple of days. And you got right back on your schedule. 

Just one more reason to celebrate. 

We celebrated dad's birthday. And I think this may have been your his favorite birthday to date. 1). We went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. 2). GiGi, Pops, and I gave him a beer brewing kit. (I've never ever seen him so excited). 3). You were here to celebrate too. 

It's so fun to see how smitten he is with you. He LOVES coming home just in time to read you a bedtime story. And he has a song for just the two of you. I hear him playing it or singing it to you just about every day. Two words: Daddy's girl. 

Mother-Daughter Bonding. Have I ever told you we thought you were a boy?  Well. I'm pretty happy you are a girl. :) I already feel this amazing mother/daughter bond. I catch myself dreaming of our future together: manis and pedis, sleepovers, craft projects, lunchtime gossip, and lots of shopping. But for now, I'm enjoying all of our snuggles and cuddles. This is by far my most favorite thing of all time. 

And we did something extra girly and special this week. I got to take you to Mama's old stomping grounds. We went to your first K-State game AND got to visit Mommy's old sorority house. Talk about a crazy feeling: changing your diaper in the living room where Mommy had her candle lighting after Daddy proposed. Can't wait to talk sorority life when you're older. 

Playtime gets more and more fun each week. It's so fun to see how you're changing and interacting with different things now. You coo and squeal over things that are bright and make noises. And oh, that smile. It's so fun to find different ways to make you smile. You are still loving your little Russian animal. I think you may even like him more than Mom and Dad. And we could sit you on your activity mat for hours (don't worry...we don't). So FUN!

You went to your first K-State game. What a FUN year for you to first experience Mommy's beloved Wildcats. CATS are ranked No. 2 and are undefeated this season. So proud. But I must say, Mom and Dad may have underestimated how much time and planning is involved in traveling with a little tot. Especially when it's so cold outside. But you did so well...being in the car for 4 hours total that day. Way to go, Chunkin.

Finally found time to relax. We definitely found some time to unwind and relax the next couple days after your busy weekend. And these relaxing days at home are the ones I'm going to miss most in *gasp* a week and a half. Enjoying them while I can.

Happy 10 Weeks, Chunk. 


Tickled Pink said...

Love the pic of your hubs reading to her!Precious!!

Wearing Mascara said...

I love following your updates. Lyla is just the cutest!!!!

Katie said...

I love your updates, she is so beautiful!! :)

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