Friday, October 26, 2012

Week-9-In-Review: Big Girl Things

Week 9: 10/14/12 - 10/20/12

This week was full of big girl things.

You turned 2 months. 
You hung with adult friends.
You got your shots. 
You *nearly* found your thumb.

Big week, Chunkin.

Then again, every week is big when you're only a couple months fresh from the womb.

You are *still* obsessed with your hands. You use them whenever you get the chance: swatting, batting, grasping, sucking, and you even like to hold them together. I can remember being little and adults lovingly teasing me because I "talked with my hands". I think I did it for dramatic effects. Will you be like that? And I swear you're going to start sucking your thumb any moment. Not sure how I feel about that. But, if it makes you happy, then I'm happy. *Plus, your Auntie Abi started sleeping through the night once she found her thumb. So, by all means...

You soaked up time with your Auntie Laur. It was SO wonderful having Mommy's very best friend in town. That girl and I go way back. I mean, we learned our ABC's together. Not to mention, we went to the state spelling bee three years in a row. I'm sure your wish is to be that cool, Chunkin. ;) But she is one of the few people who is just as energetic, silly, and goofy as me. I truly pray that you are blessed with friendship(s) like the one I have with Auntie Laur. Makes life a whole lot more fun. 

** Take note of this picture of three *grown* adults on the floor. We had your Auntie Laur and her mama (Nana Fulmer) over for dinner. We put you on the floor next to us for tummy time. Laur immediately had the brilliant idea for all of us to do tummy time with you. Then a photo session ensued.
Your Auntie's silliness - case in point. :) 

Just like your daddy, you thrive on being outside. Sadly, the weather is starting to get colder. But we get you out anytime it's nice. You get all cute and perky the moment we step outside. Daddy actually hung out with you on the back patio for 2 hours the other day. He just plopped you right next to him while Mom was at conferences. You happily stayed awake the entire time. Makes me wonder if you'll like hiking and camping like Dad too...

But your most favorite? Morning time. Oh my goodness. We could have had the worst of nights. (We have one or two of those a week). But the moment morning hits, you are back to smiles magoo. Every morning is the same: Mommy wakes you up. You get in a nice loooong stretch. You try to get out of your groggy state. You make eye contact with Mom. Your entire face lights up in smiles. 

Morning makes my heart melt. 

You had the *dreaded* two-month shots this week. Oh Chunk. This was one of those not-so-fun experiences. At first, you did GREAT. You waited patiently in dad's arms for your shots. The nurse poked you. You cried for about 10 seconds. Then you went back to sucking your paci. Then fell asleep.

And boy did you sleep. ALL DAY. 

You only awoke to eat. *Surprise, Surprise*. 

Then, we brought you home at around 8:30 from a friend's birthday party and got you out of your carseat. 

You woke up SCREAMING. And you continued to scream. And scream. Louder than the fence incident. 

We tried everything to console you. 

Rocked you. Shooshed you. Cuddled you. Sang to you. Massaged you. *Tried* to nurse you.

You wouldn't even eat. So I knew you were in pain. 

And you had actual TEARS.

My heart was broken.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, we got you calm enough to give you your reflux medicine, some tylenol, and a good feeding. 

But you whimpered in your sleep all night. 

Talk about wrenching my heart. 

But you better believe you got LOTS of extra cuddles. And trust me, Mommy and Daddy didn't mind. In fact, not so sure who enjoys cuddles more...

Luckily, you were back to your smiley self the next morning.

So aside from those yucky shots, you had a great week. Looking forward to next! 
*Can you even handle all the cuteness in one photo? 
Yes. My entire family is obsessed with wiener dogs. 


Jill (Casper) Luton said...

Angela!I've been following your blog lately from facebook. Your little lady is precious, and I love hearing your stories. Just wanted to say Hi!

Carolyn said...

OH MY GOSH! Those cheeks! That smile! That hair! GAH! She's so cute!! :) :) :)

Brittany said...

First of all - my entire family is obsessed with wiener dogs too!! We have 6 between my parents, my sister and I!!

Second of all - I feel the same way that you do about thumb sucking. Charlie starting doing it around 10 weeks. So I started swaddling him with one arm out at night because he finds his thumb and goes back to sleep. When I told his day care that they were like "Are you ok with him sucking his thumb?"...I was like...if it makes him happy I am. I guess at some point we will have to have a support group of mom's trying to get their kids to stop sucking their thumbs...but for now :)

Sorry for the long comment - but she's a doll!!

Crystal Seed said...

I cannot get enough of this girl! I seriously wait patiently to see another post from you to see her! She's just adorable!!!! Those morning smiles and stretches are to die for!!

Caitlin Houston said...

I pretty much love this post. Sorry I have been absent from commenting. You and baby girl look BEAUTIFUL!!

Lauren McBride said...

Love this post, Sang!!! What a special week that was :)

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