Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week-7-In-Review: My Babe is back

Week 7: 09/30/12 - 10/06/12

That was a close one. 

Luckily, our baby is back. 

We've got a happy, life-loving, smiley babe again. 

I mean. 
We've still got our fussy moments. 
And tummy issues. 
And sleepless nights here and there.

But, I'm so happy my sweet girl is back to her silly little self again.

They weren't kidding. Six weeks was a doozie.

Lyla Beans,

This past week was spent learning how to deal with this reflux, trying to get you to sleep longer, and figuring out all the ways we can make you smile and coo.

And boy, oh boy.
Do you think we're hilarious.

I mean.
We are.


But I'm trying to savor all these sweet little smiles. Every single one makes me feel like my heart might explode. 
And it just might. 

It's been a good week, Chunkin.

You love sitting like a big girl. It's so cute because we've started propping you up on things. The couch. A chair. Our bed. And you just love it. You look around at everything or just sit there and smile. And it frees up my arms so I can do things in 30 second increments. Like brush my teeth. Or put on my shoes. And it helps with the reflux since you need to be propped up for awhile after you eat. 

You may not have the greatest posture yet, but you'll get there. 

You've become quite the social butterfly. You really are starting to notice when Daddy and I aren't nearby. You just want to hang out wherever we are. I'm pretty strict about you getting several really good naps in your crib, but lately, you wake up early and just want to come hang out. And *gasp* I've been letting you. I mean, I know the feeling. Mommy thrives on socializing with others too. 

You are a smiley little thing. Talk about making me fall more and more in love every day. These smiles are getting more intentional. And they bring so much joy. You just look me straight in eyes and smile over and over. And you've done it for Daddy and the grandparents too. If I could choose to do one thing for the rest of my entire life, it would be to find ways to make you smile. I can't WAIT until you start laughing...

You love to learn. This makes this teacher of a mommy so happy. You just love taking in the new sounds and sights each day brings. You're starting to turn your entire body when you hear Daddy or I enter a room, and you react to more and more sounds. Like when Samson barks. Or when the tea kettle whistles. And you are starting to just stare at things around you: the wall (this is still your favorite), our faces, pictures in books, toys, and the dogs. Keep learning, Chunkin!

Other tidbits about the week: We had to take you to the doctor to check on your reflux. You weigh 10.1 pounds and are 22 1/2 inches long. You are a tall little goober. And the reflux meds are working, so we're going to keep you on them. 

We're still working on this whole sleeping thing. Half the week you do great. You actually had a night of 6 hours and then a night of 5. But every night in between you woke up throughout the night. We've tried so many different things: crying it out, rocking you to sleep, making you stay up late, putting you to bed earlier, rubbing your tummy, etc. Then, I realized I need to stop reading so much, stop taking so much advice, and just stick to what has been working all along *for the most part*... which is following the BabyWise schedule. I just need to be consistent. And patient. And very flexible. We'll get there... eventually. ;)

Loving you more and more

Happy 7 weeks.


Amy said...

You know, I tried following Babywise too, because it felt so nice to have some structure when she was a newborn- but it did kind of stress me out when she wasn't sleeping as much as the book said she should be. Honestly, I think the book overestimates how much some babies can sleep. I gave up on following it when she was 3 months old because I found it made me less stressed to not try to fit her into the babywise plan. If she's getting 5-6 hours of straight sleep even a few nights of week right now, I think that's great!

Carolyn said...

Such a sweetie pie! :)

Elizabeth said...

With Harrison we did Baby Wise and by week 9 he was sleeping through the night and at 19 months has only woken up once in the middle of the night since then. So hopefully you are almost there. That or we just got lucky and we are screwed with our 4 week old.

Kendra said...

Oh my goodness she is just so cute. And her hair. It cracks me up!

Molly said...

So cute ang! I can't wait for our girls to meet. Nora has a little bit of a spitting up problem too. The sleep pattern will come with time. We are still struggling on days too. Mine is afraid she will miss out on something if she falls asleep. :). Nights are pretty good though. Hope tosee you soon!!!

Alissa said...

Ang! Love your blog and the updates on the Little. I'm not as good as keeping mine updated as you are! I'm impressed! I heart babywise. I am a big fan. Hannah wasn't always right on with what they said, but now that she's a year old, I am so thankful that I literally just put her in her crib awake and she falls asleep. Yay! And they have babywise2 and toddlerwise. Looking forward to hearing more! You're a great mama!