Friday, June 24, 2011

Deja Vu

So, I had a very productive 12 hours.

Went to Home Depot.
Bought a gallon of Behr Ultra Dark Lilac.
Painted our entire newly renovated bathroom.
Stood staring at the walls for a good 20 minutes in silence.
Went downstairs crying.
Asked for Mr. Ruby's opinion.
He agreed.
Walls looked like an easter basket.

7 hours later.
Woke up at 6:30 a.m.
Went straight to Home Depot.
Without brushing my teeth.
Or putting on deodorant.
Bought 2 samples of paint.
Painted on the samples.
Made a decision before the paint even dried.

Made a third trip to Home Depot.
Bought a gallon of Behr Ultra Gypsy Magic.
Painted entire newly renovated bathroom again.

Much better.

I learned my lesson.
They don't make those little paint samples for nothing.

Has anyone ever painted an entire room before realizing they made a big mistake?


Krista said...

Yes I have my friend! More than once actually. The first time was when we tried to paint our bedroom green and it looked like puke. We ended up with a tan color. The second was with our basement...we just couldn't get the right shade of bluish grey. Paint is so hard!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Not fun! I've done that with spay paint projects, but not a room...I couldn't imagine!

Lauren said...

paint samples are so worth it!!!!!

Gina's Blog said...

Oh painting is the worst. Been there done first painting experience my living room looked like the KC Royals blue (it was suppose to be gray). Paint samples are the way to go...even if you have to go to the Depot 3 times in one day :)

The Shabby Princess said...

Been there, sista. Painted a whole damn dining room! And then, of course, left it there for like a year because the thought of repainting the damn thing just exhausted me.

Ahem, we need to see pictures of this newly renovated bathroom, please :)

Kelly said...

Awww! Stood in silence staring... Sorry for the stumble, I would hate that too :-P Hope you're liking the new color MUCH better!