Friday, March 11, 2011

Major Musts


Oh my goodness.

I'm in the greatest mood.

It's 70 degrees outside. I have the day off. It's date night tonight. And I'm heading to see some of my very favorite girlies for a bachelorette party tomorrow night!

AND I have two strong recommendations for you all on this beautiful Friday.

1). Baby Proof by Emily Giffin.

Ok, I know I'm usually super late to hop on the popular books band wagon (e.g. Twilight, Catching Fire, Water for Elephants etc.), but I did read Something Borrowed and Something Blue over a year ago. And I just read Baby Proof. Stayed up until midnight earlier this week to finish. Really good. I definitely recommend for light, easy read. And I say "light", but I did shed a few tears. Can't help it. I'm a sucker in most books.

2). The Adjustment Bureau.

Oh my goodness. I haven't seen a movie worth the price tag of 10-bucks-a-pop in a long time. Long time. But holy moly, this was a good one. So good that I dreamt about it and thought about it for a few days afterwards. Highly suggest. And who doesn't love some Matt Damon eye candy?!?! ;)

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!!!


The Shabby Princess said...

Totally want to see that movie. Matt Damon eye candy--sign me up please!

Anonymous said...

I loved that series! I read them a few years ago and they have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust, I know there is a movie coming out soon so I may just have to pick it back up for a quick read!
We are going to see Adjustment Bureau this weekend and I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

I should see that movie!! Love Matt Damon! :)

Kassie said...

I seriously LOVED that movie!! I saw it on Wednesday knowing nothing about it, and really couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards!!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I love Emily Giffin. I am reading Heart of the Matter right now. I liked Baby Proof too but Something Borrowed and Something Blue are still my favorites :)

Shoshanah said...

I've loved all of Emily Giffin's books! And I have to say if you loved Baby Proof, you really need to read her other ones!

And of course, loved The Adjustment Bureau too. Definitely lived up to my expectations!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I really want to see that movie!! Have a great weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That movie looks so good! Glad you enjoyed it. I hate going to the movies and paying that price tag and then coming out disappointed from the movie.

The Frenchs said...

LOVE this series! Have you read something borrowed? It's being made into a movie, so excited about it!

Meghan said...

I definitely need to check out The Adjustment Bureau. Thanks for the tip!

Kristen said...

i'm so slow with the popular book train too, but i'm adding this one to my list! hope you had a great weekend!