Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Faves

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.

Is it seriously July 14th already?

Like, where did the first half of the summer go? Sheesh!

Although I'm dreadfully busy...I'm still trying soak in every minute of this beautiful New England summer. In fact, we already have a quintessential summery jam-packed weekend with pals.

Trying to savor every moment.

So, in light of the current climax of the season, I'd like to share some of my FAVE can't-live-withouts of this summer:

Old Navy Flip Flops:
Umm, is it just me, or did Old Navy seriously amp up the quality of their $3.50 classic flips? They are so comfy and go with anything.


Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones:
I have literally died and gone to sweet-tooth heaven. These things are so delicious, I have a hard time just eating one.

Sweet Tea Lemonade:
So, I've always liked sweet tea vodka...but I've gone a little overboard. I order a sweet tea lemonade at just about every restaurant, and I polished off a hefty amount at our Fourth of July party. DELICIOUS!!!!

John Frieda Thermal Protection Serum:
Highlights + Being in the sun all day every day = Disastrous split ends. However, I love this stuff! I put a dollop on my hair before camp every morning and pray it protects my hair from those big bully UV's.


Crystal Light Pure Fitness:
It could be a complete scam. But I'm buying it. I love Crystal Light, but this new stuff actually (alledgedly) has electrolytes. MUCH needed after my full day sweat sessions with the kiddies.


TREsemme Dry Shampoo:
Pure Genius. It's like the ol' baby powder trick without the smell of the baby. This stuff allows you to go without washing your hair - just one spray, and it just sops up the oil. And it smells fab!


Getting Fit with the Hubby:
We're particularly digging biking. However, we haven't had much time (yet) so we opt for spin class on Saturday mornings. SUCH a great workout!!!

What are your summer faves?


Freck said...

I just love tea lemonade these days, too! (Psst, don't add vodka, it's a disaster, but delicious.) I'm so trying that heat protectant John Friedag asap!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Skinny cow ice cream?!?! What! I must get this!

Tickled Pink said...

I havent seen that tresame product- looks genious!! I will have to check it out... also cant believe summer is coming to an end... back to school soon!

Morgan said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

Jamie said...

I'm obsessed with the dry shampoo!!! I love that stuff! And skinny cow ice cream is delicious... almost too delicious. I don't think it's "skinny" when I want to eat the whole box in one day : )

LauraAnn said...

I LOVE Old Navy flip flops! The day that I stopped in the store they were running their 2 for $5 deal. I may or may not have purchased flip flops in almost every color offered! :-) And you are right, the quality is even better this year! Love them!

My summer faves are: obviously flip flops, maxi dresses, VS bikinis (even though I hate getting into a swimsuit), and iced tea (unsweetened).