Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Arch Nemesis


I've battled with it for years.

It comes and it goes. And when it's here for a visit, I'm quite miserable.

When I'm going through a spell, I usually fall asleep in an instant but then wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep.

Lately, I've struggled with it for several reasons: It gets light out at 4:30 in the morning. I have to pee...and our bathroom is all the way downstairs. My body temperature can't get comfortable. I have way too much on my plate (i.e. trying to finish school in time). The dogs make some noise and it wakes me up.

Last night, I woke up at midnight to Samson whining. Apparently Sienna had gotten out of her bed and pooped and peed all over the bedroom. I spent an hour cleaning everything up. (P.S. She NEVER EVER does this...poor thing just isn't aware of her bowel movements since the surgery).

I luckily fell back asleep.

Then, at 3:30 in the morning, Samson woke me up again. He was barking. He tends to do this when Mr. Ruby is out of town. He thinks he's a guard dog.

However this time, I could not fall back asleep.

Therefore, I turned on the lights, poured myself a cup of coffee, and started working on a PowerPoint presentation for school.

Needless to day, I am going to be exhausted at camp today.

Does ANYONE else struggle with sleep when their stressed?


Ashley said...

I know this isn't something that everyone is a fan of - but it wipes me out esp. before bed...swimming. If you go to a pool and swim laps before bed - your whole body gets a workout. I realize though, that you are in a swimsuit all day long so this may not (understandably) appeal to you AT ALL :)

LauraAnn said...

Oh you poor thing! I definitely feel your pain! Lately I can fall right to sleep but staying asleep is my issue. I either get too hot, my nose is stuffed up (darn allergies), Rooney attempts to cuddle or I just have a lot on my mind. It definitely sucks. Good luck and I hope that the insomnia goes away!

I have to agree with Ashley.....swimming wipes me out!

d.a.r. said...

Oh yuck. Good luck trying to get through the day!

I struggle with insomnia, as well. Except I just can't go to sleep. I just lay in bed for hours without falling asleep. Ick.

Tiffany said...

Yuck. That is the worst feeling when you are so tired but cannot go to sleep! This happened to me a LOT when I was in school. I ended up doing the same thing, getting up to work on school stuff. I wish I had a magic tip for you :(

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That's the worst, I'm so sorry! I go through a pretty similar situation - lately I cannot go to sleep - will lay in bed tossing around for hours because I'm stressed. I hate it!

Anne said...

Honestly, I dealt with insomnia for almost a year (only 1-3 hrs of sleep at night, at best). My doctor tried 5-6 different medications that had no effect on me, and it was finally my chiropractor that helped me out by diagnosing me with Adrenal Fatigue. He put me on Adrenal desiccated by Standard Process and within a couple weeks I was sleeping like a baby. You can look at it here: http://www.standardprocess.com/display/StandardProcessCatalog.spi?ID=7
After a couple months I started having minor issues again and he told me that what I was on wasn't for long-term use, and switched to Drenamin (also by Standard Process), which I am still on and haven't had any problems now for many months.
Anyway, it might be worth looking into!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

What happened to the vitamins or something that you were taking? Has it stopped helping? Usually, if I'm really stressed out and feel like I have a ton of things to do, I have a hard time sleeping as well.

Ally said...

When I'm super stressed I can never sleep... my mind just keeps going and won't shut off. You're not alone!! (PS- I just found your blog and love it!)