Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok. So Thanksgiving was just last week. I am thankful for so many things. Including my job...especially in this economy.

But, I struggle a lot with the corporate mentality. And yesterday, I just had a really, really crummy day. I even got emotional at work, which I try incredibly hard to not ever do. Ever. Especially in the corporate world.

That is why I like to travel so much for work...I don't have to deal with the office. I'm on my own. Doing what I do best. Working with people!

Anyway...on a happier note...I'm heading to Chicago for a quick work trip. Get to see two of my best friends. Can't wait!!!


PinkSass said...

Ugh I also hate when I get emotional at work but sometimes it just happens.

Have fun in Chi..that should cheer ya up!

CC said...

Hahaha...okay, i'm sorry you had a crummy day, but that little cartoon is hilarious.

can't wait to see ya!! :)

LauraAnn said...

Sorry that you had a crummy day. I hope you have a great time in Chicago!!

Freck said...

So sorry to hear you had a crummy time at work the other day. I'm currently really struggling with the corporate mentality as well. Its just not me! Some of the women can be simply cruel. Hope things have improved and I hope you had a fab time in the Chi this weekend!! Its been chilly but the Christmas lights everywhere make up for it!! :)